Beervana Road to Beervana

Cowabunga Brewing

Like any decent band from the 90’s, the Cowabunga team honed their equipment and skills in garages over the last ten years. They’ve been known to attach mixing spoons to power drills and stretch their minds to solve brewing problems in all manner of weird and innovative ways. The Cowabunga story began with another classic kiwi OE inspiring great things. In this case, one man was inspired to become a brewer by the incredible Austin craft beer scene. Over the past ten years this rookie brewer became passionate about learning to brew, researching and learning through trial and error. This passion, as well as a shared interest in all things beer, music, pop culture and video games, brought more friends into the garage. Over time, they honed their techniques and unique recipes and started taking out competitions, spawning the idea to finally take things commercial. Cowabunga!


11 McDonald Street Sandringham

Available beers

Radical RPA 5% 50 IBU Rye Pale Ale This award winning beer ain’t your typical pale ale. The rye we’ve added really cranks things up. Like going from an ollie to a kickflip, things get... more complex but infinitely more RADICAL.
Gnarly 5.2% 35 IBU NZPA Jumping the Springfield Gorge on a skateboard is pretty GNARLY so is our NZPA. Everything we have funneled into this classic pale ale comes straight from Aotearoa.
Primo 5.5% 41 IBU American Porter They said, “You can’t drink dark beer in summer.” We love defying expectations, so we've taken our favourite things about dark beer, the coffee and chocolate flavours, and brewed them into a Porter for the middle of January.
Bodacious 4% 50 IBU Session IPA You would never hear us describe ourselves as bold and audacious, so we’ll let this beer do the talking for us. This little session packs a citrus fueled punch.