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Buzz Club

Buzz Club create sparkling session mead from native New Zealand honeys. The light, refreshing brew captures the natural native honey flavours while remaining crisp, and is complemented by iconic Kiwi fruits.


79 Milns Road Halswell Christchurch

Available beers

Pōhutukawa Blossom + Strawberry 4.8% Session Mead The Pōhutukawa blossom, iconic to the coastal regions of the Coromandel, creates delicate and well balanced honey. The smooth honey flavours are perfectly complemented by Northland strawberries for a rounded session mead, with fresh hints of lime and apple to maintain a crisp flavour profile.
Kāmahi Blossom + Lemon 5.5% Session Mead The Kāmahi blossom, grown in the rainforests of the West Coast of New Zealand provides floral and fruity honey notes. Paired with Hawke’s Bay Lemon for a fresh citrus twist, the result is a balanced, light, sparkling session mead with a dry finish and natural, light brewed notes.
Rātā Blossom + Feijoa 5.2% Session Mead The Rātā blossom is best known for its vibrant red colour. The smooth, buttery honey produced from Rātā nectar is a favourite by bees, and a range of native birds and insects. Paired with Waikato feijoas, the combination creates a smooth, soft and fruity session mead, with a floral nose and apple, guava and pineapple notes.