Beervana Road to Beervana

The Beer Engine

We are a new brewhub in titahi for the stepping-up commercial brewer


31 Whitehouse rd, titahi bay, Wellington Porirua

Available beers

The Large Brewson Supercollider 7.2% BLOOD RED IPA What's better than a bunch of brewers having a breakfast? A bunch of brewers banging out a breakfast beer! Inspired by black puddings, this blood-majick IPA is a supercollaboration between The Beer Engine, Juicehead, Bassline, Mean Doses and Wild and Wooly, with all the flavours of an excellent fried breakfast and with a black pudding or 2 strategically placed NEAR the process, WHILE eating a breakfast, look out for spices, energy, life, malts and deliciousness
No-Groany 9.5% Eispils and GinAle Do you like Negronis? I like Negronis, come have an Eispils and JuniperIPA blended amazing, one-of-a-kind NoGroany(tm) made by Juicehead and the Beer Engine. Frost Magick shooting through the veins and loosening up the toes, we made a strong pilsner, froze out the water and are blending it in front of you with a juniper spiced orange IPA. All the flavours, all the time. No groans.
Sayzon Deytra 5% Smoked Salted Saison Electrolytes, surf beach seawater, a touch of chlorophyll and RAW POWER (we electrified the mash) give this saison a reason to LIVE!!! Dean from Mean Doses was gonna dress in a Dr Frankenstein outfit but I wouldn't let him just in case the beer got up and walked out the door of its own accord. The power of Rarefied Air and Lightning give this Saison a jolt right from the electrode WA-WA-OOO
Llews Morels 5.6% Oyster mushroom stout From the dark moist earth rise and grow, with magical purpose and incredible, complicated chemical process and development, beings that more resemble us than plants, organisms that fit every ecological niche, that can adapt to all environments and conditions... and then we chop their heads off and stick them in a beer. Llew from Wild and Wooly wanted to make a Oyster mushroom stout for Sarah. So we did - and whacked in a few extra kinds of mushrooms for good measure along with some rosemary and salt to round it out a bit
Sympathy for the Dubbel 6% Hot Rocks Dubbel Abe from Bassline: "let's start with a Pun. I've got some Belgian yeast" Dale From The Beer Engine "ok, Gotta be something with Rock in it. Hey, how about we actually heat up some rocks and put them in it?" Abe: "that means we should do something by the Rolling Stones" Both "Sympathy for the Dubbel!" *Wyld Stallyns air-guitar thing* So we got some rocks from Titahi bay and Island bay and heated them up and put them in and with that particular type of fire majick, have made a big tasty Caramelly beer with a humourous name. Like all beers should be.
The Curator Project - &2 3.7% Sage and Berry Berliner Weisse Ok, someone around here has to have a clear head on them and make something amazing. A collaboration by one of our future brewers with another contract brewery up north and ANOTHER another contract brewery up FURTHER north, means we were keen to have this beer in our lineup. From Molly and Claire: As with The Curator Project ethos, this beer has charity focus behind it. This batch is inspired by my late uncle Jon who had Downs Syndrome, his legacy has helped to fund this beer and as such I want to give back to an organisation that supports people with intellectual disabilities. The charity I have chosen must remain unnamed due to their own brand guidelines, but they make a huge difference in Kiwis lives helping with schooling, work experience, and community engagement.