Beervana Road to Beervana

Deep Creek Brewing Co.


4i Titan Place, Silverdale
09-215 6030

Available beers

Dusty Gringo 6.8% India Brown Ale Back for our 10 year Anniversary! One of the original Deep Creek beers that's been perfected over the years. This India Brown Ale is just big in every aspect and packs so much flavour and complexity while still maintaining balance and drinkability. We play with the balance of dark chocolate malt flavours and American citrusy and tropical hops, Citra and Cascade, to quench the thirst of the desert warrior.
Pontoon in a Monsoon 6.9% India Pale Ale Back for our 10 year Anniversary! One of the original Deep Creek beers. A swashbuckling IPA packed with Citra Centennial and Amarillo hops on top of a malty backbone.
Basilica 6.1% Chocolate Vanilla Porter Back for our 10 year Anniversary! One of the original Deep Creek beers. Basilica has been brewed with inspiration from the gods. Worship heavenly chocolate flavours, with divine whispers of vanilla, bestowed upon this brew by generous cocoa and vanilla additions.
Lupulin Effect 6.5% New England IPA Our first Hazy ever that we brewed, this was one of our Lupulin Effect project creations. A hazy East Coast New England style IPA, with a smooth mouthfeel, mild bitterness and fruity tropical hop flavours. Hops have been shown to help in relaxation, called the Lupulin Effect, when consumed in moderation. Chill, Drink, and Chill...
Basalt 6.5% Hazy IPA Inspired by one of the four guardians of Chinese mythology, the Black Tortoise represents the winter season, the North and the Chinese element of water.
Antivirus 7% IPA Made for the Malthouse West Coast IPA competition.
Sauvage 7% Barrel Aged Brett Saison CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL BEER 2021 AIBA AWARDS! Sauvage is French for wild, but in their language, it seems so much softer, and that's what this wild brew is. 100% Brettanomyces, pouring a vibrant straw gold, with lively, yet soft flavours of pineapple, baked stone-fruit and coconut. The Sauvage Brettanamyces ferment adds layers of complexity, finishing with a fresh, dry bite.
Framboise Noir 7% Barrel Aged Dark Raspberry Sour Chocolate and Raspberries always go well together. We decided to take the traditional Framboise Lambic style and add a twist and depth to it by using darker malts. 12-28 Months in NZ red wine barrels and second use Kentucky bourbon barrels, then 3 months on raspberries & 8 months bottle conditioned.
Ukulele 4.5% Peach Ginger Sour Time to relax. Break out the ukulele, find a hammock, and transport yourself to the tropics. The peach flavours play a sweet melody with ginger harmoniously elevating the flavour profile over the zesty lime finish.
Heart Breaker 4.5% Sour TBC