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Tuatara Brewery

Tuatara Brewery started in a shed on Carl Vasta’s Reikorangi farm on Wellington’s Kapiti Coast back in 2000. Carl’s purpose was to brew beers that he and his mates enjoyed drinking, rather than the mass-produced products peddled by the reining duopoly. 17 years on, with significant growth in the NZ craft industry and two NZ Champion Brewery wins, the Brewery promise to “create memorable and uniquely Aotearoa beer experiences”. With the gradual use of more NZ grown ingredients like Motueka hops and Canterbury malts, the taste and aroma profiles have led to their core styles evolving from traditional to distinctively Kiwi brews


7 Sheffield Street Paraparaumu Kapiti Coast

Available beers

Raspberry, Hibiscus & Honey Sour 4.6% Sour
Hazy IPA 5.7% Hazy Delivering smashes of passionfruit, mango, pink grapefruit & hints of white peach stone fruit with a smooth, silky feel
Stout 7.2% Stout
West Coast IPA 7.3% West Coast IPA
Ardennes 8.6% Ardennes
Build Your Own 21st Pastry Stout 9.1% Pastry Stout