Beervana Road to Beervana

Boneface Brewing Co.

Owner Matt, developed the Boneface craft beer brand from a love of all things beer and sci-fi. All beers are cleverly crafted to incorporate Planet Hoptron (that’s the Planet of Hops, if you are wondering), and it’s inhabitants. Bringing the goodness of Planet Hoptron to Upper Hutt was a no-brainer – Matt’s brewing background and passion for craft beer fit perfectly into the burgeoning Upper Hutt craft beer mecca. Whilst brewing the favourites, he’s always in a parallel universe, developing new and innovative craft beer flavours for you to try.


27 Blenheim St, Maidstone Upper Hutt
04-529 7042

Available beers

Voodoo 4.6% 23 IBU XPA Voodoo XPA is a super fruity light pale ale packed with late hop additions, It's skewed with watermelon, stone fruit and tropical fruit flavours, yet light and refreshing. Some might say its true Voodoo, But do you?
Sliver 4.2% 5 IBU mango sour A sour ale loaded with mango. With a subtle sweetness it’s a beer that’s still crisp and refreshing
Ace of Spades (nitro) 7% 40 IBU mocha milk stout Ace of Spades is a Mocha milk stout loaded with lactose, cocoa and coffee. pushing up the anti with more malts than it should, its dark, smooth and rich.
The Passenger 10% 5 IBU Raspberry passion fruit hibiscus imperial sour The passenger is a big taste, Fruit loaded raspberry passionfruit hibiscus imperial sour. Tart as you come to expect from a sour, but the unique combination of fruit will take your taste buds for a ride.
Voodoo Bloo 6.5% 27 IBU Hazy IPA Voodoo Bloo is a collaboration hazy with a slight difference. This Fruit Bomb of a hazy was created with the Wellington band Voodoo Bloo, so it has flavours as robust as their music. Voodoo Bloo will be playing some sets at Beervana this year.
Mega Unit 10.5% 70 IBU Hazy IIIPA The Mega Unit joins the Unit family, its a juicy hazy beer with hits of grapefruit and passionfruit. Devour its deliciousness but be careful it is truly mega.
Smash It Up 4.2% 21 IBU Hazy Grapefruit pale ale Smash it up is a juicy little pale ale loaded with fruity hops and Grapefruit
Haze Bite (Peckhams Colab) 7% hazy snake bite Both us and our mates at Peckhams are partial to a snake bite now and again and we've discovered that a blend with fruity hazy beers is quite nice, so we blended up our favourite and brought it for you to try,
Sliver Me Timbers 10% Beer Cocktail Rum rested 'Sliver' with mint and lime, turns our mango sour into a tropical mojito
Ace-presso Martini 10% Beer Cocktail Ace of Spades Mocha Milk Stout, with an extra kick of coffee and chocolate and a sneaky hint of salted caramel, topped with coffee whip. Is it a beer? Is it a cocktail? Is it a dessert? We aren't sure anymore.