Beervana Road to Beervana

Choice Bros

Choice Bros Brewing Wellington Ltd


62 Ghuznee St Te Aro

Available beers

Banoffee Chai Swirl 6% Ice Cream Stout Banoffee and Chai swirled into a creamy Chocolate Milk Stout
Bourbon Maple Walnut 10% Imperial Stout A rich serving of walnut on the nose, maple on the tongue and finishing on smooth notes of bourbon.
Peanut Butter 5% Peanut Butter Stout Mmmmm nutty. Our delicious 'Brewmuda Triangle' collaboration with Heyday Beer Co. and Fortune Favours and known outside the festival as 'Make it with you'. Cos who doesn't love the Queens of the Stone Age.
Strawberry Vanilla & Chocolate 6% Ice Cream Stout Neapolitan AF. You know that point where the ice cream is melting in the bowl faster than you can eat it and you decided to just stir it up and smash it. Yeah.... That.
Pineapple & Lime Sorbet 5.5% Pineapple & Lime Nitro Sour Blinding gorgeous citrus and bright refreshing pineapple and to top it off, it's on a Nitro tap. An amazing collaboration beer with Maiden Brewing Co.
Blueberry & Blackberry Sorbet 5.5% Blueberry & Blackberry Nitro Sour Rich red berries stun your tongue and compliment a smooth well rounded acidity. This is a beautiful example of what a Nitro sour can be. Yet another amazing collaboration beer with Maiden Brewing Co.