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Beehave! Craft Meadery

Naughty humans have been fermenting honey and turning it into mead for 8,000 years give or take. At Beehave Meadery we’re using this ancient indulgence as a launching pad for the exploration of flavour.


431 Kawakawa Road RD1 Taupo

Available beers

Suckerpunch 5% n/a IBU Melomel in Suckerpunch, naturally fermented sparkling honey mead mingles with fresh lemon and ginger for the feel good hit of the summer. Or the winter for that matter Brewed off-dry to be vibrant yet well-behaved.
Honeycone 5% n/a IBU Metheglin With the rebirth of craft beer, the nation has gone hop troppo. Honeycone is mead for the terminally beer-struck, adding the familiar herbaceous notes of hops to a smooth, semi sweet sparkling mead.
Brambled 5% n/a IBU Berry Melomel There's no beating around the bush here. Brambled takes fresh blackberries, blackberry honey and organic vanilla pods, aging them all on American oak. Notes of chocolate, caramel, vanilla and clove result.
Highballer 8% n/a IBU Melomel Highballer is mead gone Mojito. Start with a rum and caramel base from Rewarewa honey, add the tang of fresh lime and finish off with a dash of mint. It's brewed to a healthy 8%, so mind your P's and Q's.