Beervana Road to Beervana



597 New North Road Kingsland

Available beers

Crystal IPA 6.8% Crystal IPA A shimmering spectre of refreshment, this wondrous, translucent IPA is designed to focus all attention on the hop explosion - punchy and bitter with a clean dry finish. This beer has fresh-fruit notes of gooseberry and grape with super dank aromas from the Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic and Simcoe hops. Urbanaut Brewing Co first brewed this crystalline beer in 2021 as a vivacious glimpse into the possible future of the IPA... massive hop flavour, sparkling, exotic and supremely delicious. DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD
West Coast IPA 6.6% West Coast IPA Renounce your thirst and succumb to the deep, amber clutches of the mighty West Coast IPA. This beer will take you on a rambling journey through resinous canyons, buoyed by a lavish malt profile and propelled by a huge, bold bitterness. Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial hops release tangy notes of pine, grapefruit and lime with lashings of stone fruit. The WCIPA was stumbled upon by avid bird-watchers in the 1980s and dragged into civilization to herald a new era for hop fiends. DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD
Hazy IPA 6% Hazy IPA Increase the Peace! The Hazy IPA is the East Coast clapback to the West Coast IPA, call and response. A golden, opulent cloud of juicy, tropical beer - smooth and delicious. Cashmere, Amarillo and Mosaic hops give this elixir a summer-breeze aroma of citrus, mango and pineapple. From lofty inception in the early 2000s, a broad appeal gives this IPA a loyal following of haze fanatics from there to here to infinity - and beyond! DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD
Red IPA 5.8% Red IPA Absolute, perfect balance. The harmony of hops and malts together - two paths destined to collide, creating light and heat and thirst-quenching salvation! This beer has a warming glow of toffee and caramel rounded out by a bold, sharp bitterness and topped off with the delicate aroma of fresh-crushed wildberries. Rumoured origins place this beer squarely in the Cretaceous period. DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD
Brut IPA 7% Brut IPA Bright and bubbly, an effervescent explosion of tropical fruit salad aromas first announce this fine Champagne of IPA’s. By nature this beer has almost no sugar, which makes it dry and refreshing with notes of lychee, lemon and lime from the Riwaka and Citra hops. This is one of the more recent styles of IPA to emerge, first brewed by Quantum Physicists in San Francisco in the late 2010s. DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD
Black IPA 5.6% Black IPA Who dares gaze upon the dark void of the Black IPA?! The mysterious inky abyss of the Black IPA hides a highly quaffable beer that is rich and smooth, bursting with huge pine and citrus aromas from the Centennial and Citra hops. This beer holds a dank expanse of flavour with hidden depths. First discovered in the centre of a fallen asteroid that crashed through Santa Monica pier in the 1990s. DRINK FRESH - STAY RAD