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Available beers

Sloe Down 7% Beer Cocktail A special creation just for Beervana. Southpaw APA carefully blended with sloe gin, lime juice and grapefruit juice. Nice and tart!
Passionate IPA 7% Beer Cocktail Southpaw Brewery IPA turned tropical with fresh lime juice, passionfruit puree and coconut vodka.
Flirty Lady 6% Ginger Beer Cocktail Ginger Beer based cocktail with flavours of citrus gin and rosehip extract mixed through.
Dark ā€˜nā€™ Stormy 6% Ginger Beer Cocktail Ginger beer cocktail classic! Fresh lime, the finest dark rum and homemade brown sugar syrup brought to life with crisp ginger beer.
Vanilla Berry Cider 5% Cider Cocktail We have taken the crisp southpaw cider and mixed it with berry puree and a touch of vanilla to create a well balance cider cocktail.
Virgin Lady Ginger Beer Mocktail Like the Flirty Lady, but without the gin!