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Townshend Brewery

Nestled amidst the leafy green heart of the nations hop growing region in Motueka. Martin Townshend founded the brewery in 2005 with immediate access to Nelson hops as well as a beautiful supply of water, drawn up from the Motueka aquifer to brew with. These two ingredients combined malt barley, yeast and a large dose of passion for brewing using traditional methods have seen the brewery jump to prominence, winning awards and accolades from the NZ Brewing industry, including being Championed NZ Brewery & Manufacturer of the Year in 2014!


502a High Street Motueka

Available beers

Fat hand 8.5% Barleywine Great beer
Keystone Milk Stout 5.1% Stout Luscious, velvety and creamy goodness
Eye Scream Hazy 4.8% IPA A Juicey eye screamingly good hazy
Blitzgreig 6.5% Westcoast IPA Big in your face hops with a full rebuts malt backbone
Oldhams Tap 5.1% Pilsner 100% Riwaka Hops Straight from Colin Oldham’s hop farm in Tapawera. It couldn’t get much better than that!
Rode Ireland Red rye 5.5% Red IPA A rich and malty American hopped IPA with a great big dose of malted rye to give depth and spice