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Dogstar Brew Lab

We formed DogStar Brew Lab back in August last year (We were going to sort things earlier, but like a lot of companies worldwide, the effects of Covid-19 delayed things). However we got our equipment delivered and started brewing, we only got our first beer out to market in March this year and had a local launch event in April which couldn't really have gone better, selling out 6 kegs in just over 3 hours.

Since then we have been increasing our presence and brand in and around the Dunedin area.

We have a small 150-litre system and brew out of an outbuilding on my property. We are currently in the process of looking for a tap-room or brewpub premises within Dunedin, but are prepared to wait and find the right place for us rather than jump into something that doesn't fit or vibe well with us.

At this stage, we aim to scale up to approximately 1200 litres.


Dunedin Dunedin
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