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Mean Doses Brewery & Fillery

Just regular people, like you or me, except they're making very, very good beer.

Mean Doses is teaming up with our friends at Counter Culture to bring you a week of non-stop gaming and craft beer appreciation! We're sending a party of our finest brews out onto the battlefield! Join us for a chance to win merchandise and gift vouchers in a raffle! Take your shot at beating the brewery at several select games! Hang out with the brewery crew and support your friendly local game pub! All this action and more from 9-15 Aug!

Come into Counter Culture from 9-15 Aug to taste a whole tap lineup of Mean Doses beers AND play some games with us!

Enter a raffle for a chance to win some merchandise and gift vouchers!

Try your hand at beating Mean Doses crew members at select games!

Mean Doses beers that will be available: Mean NZ Pilsner, Mean Warlock Baltic Porter, Mean IPA, Pink Mist Raspberry Wheat, and Mean Haze: Space Paranoids.

Of course Counter Culture's scrumptious full kitchen menu will be available to fuel more gaming!

130 Tory Street Te Aro Wellington

Available beers

Mean NZ PIls 5.1% 35 IBU Pilsner Our latest edition, our bundle of joy, our very first in-house brew. Aww, isn't it adorable!? It's a New Zealand pilsner, weighing in at 5.1%. Can you smell the flowers and citrus? I know right, it's beautiful! You can hold it if you like.
Mean Warlock Baltic Porter 7.8% 26 IBU Lager You are standing in a retail outlet, or perhaps a bar. Dim torchlight brings an eerie glow to the face of the shop assistant, or perhaps bartender, who stands before you. With a sinister glint in their eye, they push a sampler glass of a strange dark liquid towards you. You recognise this liquid as Baltic Porter - a strong intoxicant made from mashed grain and hops. While technically a lager, it will taste much like a stout. If you drink this, you will probably want more. - If you would like to try the sampler, say "yes please" - If you would like to purchase a full measure of the Baltic Porter, produce your wallet - If you do not want the Baltic Porter, please leave
Mean IPA 6.7% 60 IBU IPA Because you need an IPA, don’t you? You do. I mean a brewery needs an IPA, sure, that’s just basic business sense. But you, the people, you need this too. This IPA is deep and golden, it has all kinds of pineapple and citrus in it, but also with a clean, balanced bitterness. It’s like a balm for your weary soul. I have seen people cheer up, very quickly, upon tasting this IPA (true story).
Pink Mist Raspberry Wheat
Mean Haze: Space Paranoids 6.5% 18 IBU Hazy It's a hazy- citrusy, tropical, super-refreshing. There, job done. Now, "Space Paranoids" is of course the video game from the 80s classic Tron- the one with the flying cargo crane grabby claws baddies. Aside from being annoyed that 39 years later this game remains fictitious and I've never had a chance to play it, what really gets me is that name. Because who's paranoid in this situation? Are the grabby space cranes paranoid? Like, are they preemptively invading our planet due to trust issues? Or are WE paranoid, about things coming at us from space? That would be a justifiable anxiety, because grabby space cranes are coming to get us. Except they're not, not really. Because, as I say, no-one's actually made the game. Not yet anyway.