Beervana Road to Beervana

I began playing with home brewing. The first beer I tried to brew was a Weizenbock: the result was amazing even considering I was only using easily obtained ingredients, which back in the day wasn’t much! A couple of years later I discovered places like the Cock and Bull, Hallertau and Shakespeare’s in Auckland. Then I discovered beers like Croucher’s and Epic. It dawned on me that I wasn’t the only person in the entire world who put a priority on flavour.

And just when things with the home brewing were going so well: being part of a growing community where sharing our home brew and information on techniques, improving each other process etc. I had to move down to New Plymouth… which was an even larger Craft Beer Desert than Auckland. I couldn’t even buy any ingredients locally. This was probably going to be the end of it all. That was until I discovered Liberty Brewing.

Liberty Brewing was an online brewing supplies website. It had all the malt and hops I needed to brew the beers I wanted to brew. It was great. I very quickly became their biggest customer. Then it was during a discussion on New Zealand’s premiere brewing forum Realbeer where the previous owners Stu McKinlay and Brendon MacKenzie basically offered me the business. I couldn’t refuse: This alone was the single moment in time when Liberty Brewing as you know it now was born.

Liberty Brewing


69 Mill Rd Helensville
phone 021 422 961

Green Tuxedo 6.5% NZIPA
Thug Juice 5.5% US Pilsner
Prohibition Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter 12.6% Porter Taster Only
Matakana Oyster Stout 10% Stout Taster Only
Knife Party IPA 7.1% IPA
Darkest Days Stout 6% Stout
Citra IIPA 8.9% IIPA
Yakima Monster 6% APA
Framboise a Trois Raspberry Milkshake 6.5% Sour
Divine Wind 5% Lager
Jungle Juice 6.6% IPA
Kush 7.3% IPA