Beervana Road to Beervana

Over the last 4+ years Behemoth has made around 80 beers; many of those having been small batch, one-offs. Behemoth always loves trying new things and making bigger tasting beers. Life is too short to take seriously so the only thing we, the Behemoth family, take seriously is bigger tasting beers. Beers that are big on flavour and fun and that is shown through our branding and mascot's Churly varied attire.

Behemoth Brewing Company


1 Auckland st

Collusion 9.5% 70 IBU American Hopped Russian Imperial Stout American Hopped Russian Imperial Stout. Big, roasty, hoppy. Conspire to give it a try.
Snow Mexican 8.5% 40 IBU Maple Imperial Stout Maple syrup infused Imperial Stout.
Freedom Waffles 5.5% 20 IBU Cream Ale with Raspberries, Blueberries and Vanilla Cream Ale brewed with raspberries, blueberries and vanilla.
Dump the Trump 6.2% 60 IBU American IPA American IPA dedicated to Dumping Donald Trump. Well it did not work but but we got a pretty good beer out of it. An American IPA that was also layered with US, NZ and Australian hops act as a hoppy protest vote!
Hop Diggity Dog 6.2% 40 IBU Hazy IPA Citra Hopped Hazy IPA brewed for Behemoth's Hazy and Hot Dog event at Rogue and Vagabond for Road to Beervana.
Music City 6.0% 40 IBU Hazy IPA Nashville inspired Mosiac Hopped Hazy IPA.