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Tinker Tailor - craft beer with a split personality, that's twice as good.

We are always trying to find the perfect balance between the delight of the new, and the comfort of tried and true.

Our beers range from classic, rather refined, utterly perfect, hand-crafted brews – that’s our Tailor side! To more innovative, quirky Tinker beers that are little bit experimental, a little bit mischievous.

Tinker Tailor


18a Ulric St, Plimmerton,
phone 021 1209944

Tinker Tailor APA 5.7% 45 IBU APA A lovely citrusy aroma, deep golden colour, and clean on the palate. Featuring Citra hops and a special blend of malts. Time-tested, classic, Tailor-ed APA.
Tinker Tailor IPA 6.4% 60 IBU IPA Refreshing and perfectly balanced. First of all you'll notice the gorgeous peachy colour, followed by an aromatic hint of apricot and tropical mango. Finished with notes of orange zest and just the ideal amount of bitterness.
Tinker Tailor Black IPA 6.6% 63 IBU IPA Looks like a dark beer, tastes like an IPA. We took our classic IPA and, well, blackened it. The result is a delicious mash-up of espresso and evergreen. Rather drinkable, much lighter than a traditional porter or stout.
Tinker Tailor American Stout 5.5% Stout The perfect drink-beside-the-fire beer. Creamy, with vanilla-infused dark chocolate and burnt toffee. Jet black, this full-bodied stout is balanced with just a hint of bitterness.
Tinker Tailor Vienna Lager 5.0% 21 IBU Lager A traditional European-style lager. Redder in colour than your usual pilsner or lager, but just as crisp. Malty, not too hoppy. A great, easy-drinking beer.
Tinker Tailor Salted Caramel Brown Ale 5.3% Brown Ale Created just for Beervana. An original and harmonious coming together of two opposites- we present the Salted Caramel Brown Ale.
Tinker Tailor Apple Crumble Ale 6.2% Fruit and spice ale Based on grandma's secret apple crumble recipe. A comforting Kiwi classic reinvented as a tasty beverage just for Beervana.
Tinker Tailor Mango Lassi Sour 5.9% Sour Inspired by the classic refreshing beverage featuring mango, yoghurt, a touch of cardamon, and a hint of sweetness. The Mango Lassi Sour is bright, punchy and taste-testing.