Beervana Road to Beervana

Tuatara began as a backyard operation in the hills above Waikanae, founded by Carl Vasta, an engineer with the taste buds of a wine critic. There’s a degree of loose talk in New Zealand about “kiwi ingenuity”, most of it from people who’d struggle to change a tyre, but Carl is the living, breathing epitome of that noble philosophy. If he needed a shed or a bottler or a tank, he’d just go ahead and build one. Before too long, he’d managed to brew a superb range of ales, porters and pilsners for his friends under the name Tuatara.

The tuatara is unique to New Zealand. Aotearoa is still a bit wet behind the ears nation-state wise, but not the tuatara. It’s a bona fide living fossil, a creature that changes its underpants once every 200 years and only ever watches TV One. Known formally as Sphenodon punctatus, this reptile is so old it’s officially not even a lizard. It’s the last of its order, with ancestors that used to smoke behind the bike sheds with stegosaurus 200 million years ago.

Tuatara Brewing Co.


7 Sheffield St
phone 04-293 3351

Beervana Foragers Series 6% 24 IBU Mushroom and Truffle Ale Warming, herb, umami characters from the wild mushroom and truffle additions (freshly foraged from the fertile lands of the Wairarapa!), complemented by delicate cherry and plum flavours set over a toasty, smoky malt body. Bringing together the best of greater Wellington's East and West Coast for a supurbly soothing brew.
Beervana Foragers Series 6% 27 IBU Spiced Pumpkin Ale A flavour combination of subtle spice, oak barrel and beer add to the exhausting amount of pumpkins roasted for this brew (freshly foraged from the fertile lands of the Wairarapa!). We even added it to the mash to enhance the characters for an unmistakably pumpkin pie inspired brew! Bringing together the best of greater Wellington's East and West Coast.
Suspense 7.1% 30 IBU Hazy IPA Tropical fruit flavours of pineapple, mango, passionfruit and peach with sweet citrus characters and true to style, low bitterness. The naturally inspired haze makes for a silky mouthfeel.
Lover of the Russian Queen 7% 40 IBU Baltic Porter Deepest darkest red, not quite jet black in colour. Lots of silky, velvety chocolate on the palate, very light coffee character coming through. Medium mouthfeel - beautifully weighted, rich, warming and embracing.
Sanctus 7.5% 15 IBU Apricot Ardennes Belgian Blonde Ale Clove, banana, lemon zest and nutmeg balanced with jammy apricot flavours. A light malt body and sweetness fill the mid-palate with a smooth dry finish. Lovingly left to mature for over a year..
Scaly Bastard 7.3% 75 IBU West Coast IPA True to its roots, it’s an overblown-in-all-the-right ways IPA, stacked full of US citrusy, piney hop flavours and aromas. Brace yourself, it’s all about the hops baby!
Prince of Ales 5.5% 43 IBU Red IPA Lush stonefruit and orange marmalade characters from the heady combination of American hops sit above the earthy caramel and toffee notes of the rich malt body. A warming and weighty mouthfeel makes for a restorative pint as the weather cools.
Coastin' 4.6% 25 IBU Session IPA Fresh off the back of a recent AIBA 2018 medal, Coastin' is a sessionable and refreshing ale loaded with passionfruit, melon and mango from a generous helping of multi-national hops. Refreshing and juicy tropical fruits initally, finishing with a gentle herbal spice and malt sweetness.
Mot Eureka 5% 44 IBU NZ Pilsner Using all local hops from the Motueka area, we created this 100% NZ Pilsner. Crisp, firm bodied with notes of citrus and grass. Good hop bitterness and a refreshingly dry finish.