Beervana Road to Beervana

Lone Bee encapsulates taking a leap of faith and venturing into the unknown in search of greatness.

By thinking differently and challenging the status quo we have revitalized Mead [the earliest alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey & water] for the 21st century using only the very best honey sourced from New Zealand’s wide open spaces.

Not a Beer, Wine or Cider, Lone Bee is paving the way and creating a completely new category for others to follow as “if we make the best honey in the world, why can’t we make the best mead in the world?”

After 9yrs of trial & error perfecting the recipe, we are now proud to share our first drop and are 100% confident it'll be the best Sparkling Mead you've ever tasted!!!

Come find us at the Northern end of the concourse and decide for yourself

Cheers, Lone Bee

Lone Bee Sparkling Mead


phone 0274281443

Clover & Manuka 5.3% nil IBU - this is Mead IBU Sparkling Mead Crisp, light and refreshing while maintaining the authenticity of the honeys with a just off-dry/near on neutral aftertaste that makes you want more - Gluten Free with no added flavouring, preservatives or sweeteners and made from the finest Clover & Manuka honey.