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We now live in a Beer World that is full of intense and flavoursome hops that have been bred by new programmes in New Zealand and America. This has really changed the brewing landscape and allowed for individuality of each brewer. I love to brew with the latest hops like Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, Mosaic, Riwaka, Motueka, Kohatu & Galaxy.

In 2002 , my family created a wine brand called Abbey Estate and proceeded to build a winery in 2005. It's a small boutique winery with a great cellar door, which was finished in 2008.

Around this time, i started travelling around asia and europe. I was amazed at the small brewpubs everywhere and how different they all were. Vietnam breweries producing Belgium beer and U.K producing American styles astounded me. There seemed to be a renaissance happening around the world.

I started on a little pilot brewing equipment doing 100 litres and still do for experimental and crazy beer styles. That's what makes it fun, to be able to try and experiment with a range of styles and flavours. The beers came out amazing with some crazy flavours from new and experimental hops that were coming out of NZ and America at the time, which really got me inspired to carry on.

In 2012, I thought the winery cellar door would be a great place for a brewpub as well. So, I set about doing small batches to test the market and create a lot of new recipes. Everyone seemed willing volunteers to try the beer, so have kept expanded ever since.

2013 is the year we are kicking off commercial sales of bottles and kegs. An exciting hobby that has become a bigger project.

We look forward to sharing the beers that we have created with you and all the exciting new assertive and bold beers to come!

Abbey Brewery


1769 Maraekakaho Rd, Bridge Pa,
phone 0212722737

Milkshake IPA 6% 45 IBU Milkshake Hazy New England IPA made into a milkshake IPA style. Passionfruit, mango & pineapple chunks added with vanilla pods and lactose. Unfiltered. Tastes like a tropical milkshake.
Belgian Choc 5.5% 45 IBU Belgian Porter Belgian Porter with actual Abbey yeast. Choc'd with Peruvian and Solomon Island Cacao. Touch of Vanilla & Lactose to add to the decadence.
Overkill IIPA 7.5% 75 IBU New England A super juicy, hazy New England IIPA with west coast bitterness. Crazy techniques of biotransformation of hop oils in the fermentation and lots of oats, barley and wheat to give a creamy mouthfeel. Unfiltered to give extra hop presence. New England yeast.
'Amber' Amber Ale 6% 50 IBU American This sensual Amber combines a variety of specialty malts and rich roasted caramel aromas, while a big throw of American hops provide piney, citrus and pineapple flavours producing a moreish beer.
Calyspo Hazy Pale Ale 5.5% 40 IBU Hazy New England Hazy pale with oats and wheat. Lots of banging flavours from the American Calypso hops of tropical, pear and grapefruit. Subtle tea and stonefruit aromas. Taste the haze !
Hop Farm IPA 6.5% 60 IBU IPA Orange, grapefruit and lime characters. Smooth bitterness, full on passionfruit and fresh pine on the nose. Floral and citrusy aroma. Hop Farm is a multidimensional hop experience.