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Cassels & Sons’ Brewery restaurant and café is known throughout Christchurch for the medal winning Cassels & Sons craft beers and crafted Euro-style fresh gourmet thin-based pizzas. All the food is made here using fresh produce from the Woolston Market. The microbrewery NZ beer is brewed on site and we also have a selection of wines to complement our excellent New Zealand dining.

The wood-fired copper-domed kettle, one of only three intact and one of two operational in the world, sits pride of place behind our iconic Christchurch bar. You can discover craft beer brewed onsite including One P.A., Dunkel, Lager, Heart of Darkness, Extra Pale Ale, Red IPA, Pilsner, or real ale such as Best Bitter, Alchemist and Milk Stout. Alongside exciting brewing projects and seasonal indulgences, up to a dozen brews are available all year round.

Cassels & Sons Brewing Co.


3 Garlands Road Woolston
phone 03-389 5359

Heart of Darkness 6.5% 60 IBU Black IPA A smooth, dark brew, layering chocolate and caramel notes against a hint of floral hops to create a taste sensation. Well-balanced and clean with a pleasant hop bitterness, the slightly spicy Heart of Darkness will lure you in.
Red IPA 6.6% 65 IBU Red IPA Cassels Red IPA is full bodied, rich and vibrant. Our speciality malts add serious complexity with flavours and aromas including dark fruit, raisin, toast and light caramel, balanced by assertive, crisp hop bitterness and perplexing pine, citrus, lime, stone fruit, floral and tropical characters.
Extra Pale Ale 4.9% 35 IBU Pale Ale Extra Pale Ale is an ideal entry point into the wonderful world of modern craft beer. Grassy herbaceous aroma and flavours give way to a light floral finish. The soft mouth feel is well suited to this subtle, delicate and eminently quaffable beer.
Milk Stout 5.2% 30 IBU Sweet Stout A New Zealand interpretation of an Old English classic. Our Milk Stout contains a non-fermentable lactose sugar derived from milk. Deep black and full bodied with mocha and milk chocolate aromatics, it is smooth with a slightly sweet, balanced finish.
Pilsner 5.3% 30 IBU Pilsner Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops combine beautifully in this NZ Pilsner. Clear and light in appearance with a citrus, grassy aroma. The immediately noticeable flavour is punchy, zesty, clean and fresh with a dry finish.
One Pale Ale 6% 55 IBU Pale Ale Named One Pale Ale because of the single hop. The palate is, at first soft and creamy, yet tart and spritzy, with sweet malt vying to balance a riot of tropical fruity flavours and tongue-coating hop resins. Then the mouth becomes dry as an uncompromising bitterness kicks in and lingers.
Best Bitter 4.3% 38 IBU Strong Bitter A beautifully well-balanced beer and our most popular real ale. Amber in appearance with a generous white head. The aroma is fruity, malty and sweet. Flavours are grape, lemon and stone fruit with a smooth biscuity malt base. The initial fruity, hoppy flavours are replaced by a malty, bitter finish. A very English beer and not at all short on flavour.
Alchemist 4.6% 35 IBU Pale Ale A pleasant and easy drinking cask conditioned real ale. Great lemon/ mandarin and grassy initial flavour and aroma, finishing with a smooth and lasting bitterness.