Beervana Road to Beervana

Perched atop a small shelf on the south face of Double Cone we brew our beers from the snow melt that surrounds us with the perfect fermentation temperatures we find in the small crevice we call home. Each keg is brought down from the peak by fixed ropes and then skied down to the Kawarau for delivery by jet boat. We believe every beer is an adventure. We brew for the love of it and the love of our people and environment.

Altitude Brewing


827 Frankton Road Frankton
phone 0210673977

Double Kea 7.5% 85 IBU IIPA We've taken our perennial flagship IPA the Mischievous Kea and and made it even more mischievous-er...? Cloudy, soft pillowy bitterness with a rich body and balanced yet intense hop profile.
Expedition series - Sticky date pudding Brown 7.2% 20 IBU Ale The desert that every restaurant should have – because if it’s on the menu then you have to get one. It’s the rules. Belgian brown ale brewed with candi syrups, aged on dates and vanilla then finished with lashings of caramel to sweeten up your day.
Expedition Series - Black Lambic 6.5% 15 IBU Barrel aged Sour The yin to the lambics yang. Completely unique take on this very trad beer. Black wheat ale brewed with roasted wheat and carefully selected roasted malts to mesh with the acidity. Soured naturally in unflavoured whiskey barrels for 2 years. Its ultra dry and complex sour upfront that slowly builds into some roasty length
Geen Hop Nodig 8% n/a IBU Gruit Gruit is an ancient style of beer originating from when beer was flavoured with a spice or herb blend, rather than hops. For our version, we have partially soured some of the beer blended it back together then used immense amounts of juniper, lavender and fresh fruit pulp. Finally we aged it in Chardonnay barrels for 4 months for some depth and complexity. It shows Floral lavender nose, with a spicy juniper palate balanced with sweet fruit. Hint of sourness gives length and dry chardonnay finish.
Persistent High 4.9% 9 IBU Hefeweizen One of our most awarded beers and currently the top Wheat beer in the NZ! This beer was inspired by a trip to the continent of wheat driven styles. This is fundamentally a traditional Bavarian wheat beer but our take, whilst being true to its origins, has our own twist with a mix of local and imported ingredients. This mix stacks the beer with that distinct Euro flavour and delivers that authentic frothy head. The finished beer is un-fined and un-filtered so roll bottles gently for your cloudy drinking pleasure.
Powder Day 5.2% Crisp and refreshing like a snowball to the face only much more enjoyable. With a 2017 silver medal to its name amongst others this beer is a mash up of styles that shows a classic Euro pils profile that has been hopped with NZ Saaz varietals. Fruit drizzled with lemon to smell and a crisp clean palate to slake the thirst.