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Our new brewery in Silverdale is now in full stride with a mix of our flavoursome cornerstone beers and some more dynamic concoctions to surprise and challenge the palate. We take time to design, create and brew our beer to true craft standards. Hops and hop blends take centre stage in our beers, sometimes in a subtle ways and sometimes in bold ways but always in fair balance with the malt because it is drinkability we strive for.

Laughing Bones Brewing


32 Forge Rd Unit D
phone 021 974 110

The Duke 5.9% 30 IBU Rye Pale Ale The Duke is an Imperial Pale Ale, a style that is heftier than a Pale Ale and in lineage to but not quite claiming IPA status. The Duke is a wry guy, brewed with a good dose of rye to give it a spicy, dry finish that mingles well with the resinous, piney and citrusy overtones from the Chinook, Simcoe and Centennial hops. Raise your glass with a toast to The Duke and his rye sense of beer appreciation.
Anchors Aweigh 4.8% 26 IBU California Common Lager Anchors Aweigh brings a light amber to amber colour along with a toasted a caramel malt aroma and flavor. The low hop aroma is underpinned by a medium to medium high bitterness. When all added together it presents and easy drinking drop with flavour and gusto. Malty overtones are well mingled with a distinct bitterness to bring a crisp, clean finish to this enjoyable beer.
Alien Abduction 7.2% 55 IBU Belgian IPA That's right, this beer abducts your taste buds to out of this world places. Belgian yeast phenolics cross breeding with serious hops (comet, horizon and sorachi ace) leave you feeling probed with enigmatic pleasures. The 7.2% ABV helps sedate you though the experience. Relax and let yourself be taken away.
Peppertree Saison 5.5% 25 IBU Saison Looking for a little spice in your life, and in your beer? Peppertree Saison is brewed using foraged New Zealand herbs, Horopito and Kawakawa (both of the Peppertree family) and a pinch of Nasturtium leaf. Their influence blends well with a notable Belgian yeast to present a natural and enticing flavor profile to this Saison as well as a clean and bright finish.
Jokers Wild 6.3% 45 IBU IPA A decidedly hoppy and smooth, moderately strong Indian Pale Ale. Hop flavor is medium to high with a citrusy, fruity, piney aspects. Medium hop bitterness with a malt backbone that supports the bitterness for a smooth balance. Four different hop varieties added throughout the boil and whirlpool combined with a Joker’s Wild grain bill create a flavorsome IPA experience. Simcoe and Amarillo dominate the hops which are perfectly integrated for a smooth hop experience
Shake Your Mangos 5.5% 37 IBU Milkshake IPA Hop forward, fruit forward, flavour forward. This Milkshake IPA is loaded with mango puree and New Zealand stone fruit centric hops. Lactose and vanilla beans are added for mouth feel and to emulate the milkshake experience. This flavour combination is complex on the palate and initially confusing to the brain, but make no mistake about it, it finishes like an IPA.
Up Yer Kilt 6.7% 24 IBU Strong Scotch Ale Up Yer Kilt is a true descendant of the “Wee Heavy” from Scotland. Brewed from six different malts this beer delivers a complex, rich malty experience with notes of caramel, toffee, plums and raisins. The 6.7% alcohol is well integrated into the flavour profile to create a smooth drinking beer that provides that “winter warmer” effect. This is one to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Give it a go!
Holy Smokes 4.5% 28 IBU Rauch Beer Love life? Love beer? Love smokiness? Love chilies? Expect the unexpected? This beer is for you!