Beervana Road to Beervana

Sometimes you just have to take the leap.

Shannon Thorpe took the leap in 2016. Tired of working for other brewers, Shannon decided it was time to test his nous and open his own brewery. He teamed up with Wellington hospitality veterans Andrew Williams and Jamie Williams, convinced award-winning brewer Dale Cooper to quit his day job, and together they formed Fortune Favours.

Fortune Favours saved an old industrial building and restored it as a new brewpub, brewing on site and serving fresh beer and food. The old furniture restoration business was becoming surrounded by bold new bars and food venues in the revived Leeds Street precinct, and Fortune Favours was happy to add its brewery to this mix.

We love beer and we want to share that love with you. Fortune Favours beers are fresh, fun and innovative. Take the leap and try something new.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Lucky.

Fortune Favours Beer


7 Leeds Street
Te Aro
phone 04-595 4092

Blueberry Sunchaser 4.7% Cider Made from crushed Pink Lady and Braeburn Apples with added blueberries.
The Marquês 8% Porter Inspired by The Marquess of Pombal (who demarcated Portugal’s Douro wine region as the home of all Port fortified wine), this Ruby Porter has been infused with both Portuguese Port and Australian ‘Port' before being aged in oak.
The Neapolitan 5% Porter Using Raspberries, Cocoa Nibs, and Vanilla Beans from Niue, we made a Neapolitan ice cream inspired beer! In collaboration with Brew'd Boulcott, you'll enjoy this scrumptious treat. Try it with some Neapolitan ice cream added-you won't be disappointed!
The Liberator 8% Doppelbock It's lager Jim but not as we know it. Our Doppelbock, "The Liberator" is a big rich and very malty lager. Sometimes known as liquid bread, this strong beer has toasty notes and a hint of chocolate, some great flavours no matter how you slice it! Liberate your taste buds with a lesser known but really great style of lager.
The Oregonian 5.9% All American Amber Our tribute to the pioneering craft brewers in the Pacific North West, The Oregonian is an All-American Amber. Pine and citrus aromas and flavours meld with the malt base to deliver a tasty, balanced and highly drinkable beer.
The Naturalist 5.3% Unfiltered Pale Ale Filtering is used to clarify beer by removing yeast and protein. It makes beer look lovely and bright but its downside is taking out some of the desired flavours. For The Naturalist we use a combination of beer finings and an extended cold conditioning time to clarify the beer while preserving all that flavourful character. The Naturalist perfectly balances and lends itself to multiple pints. Expect citrus flavours from generous hopping which gives orange marmalade, sherbet and a little white pepper spiciness to boot!
The Adventurer 5% Green Bullet Pilsner For those seeking a refreshing Pilsner, something more than mainstream but without getting too carried away. Perfect for a hot day on the deck. The Green Bullet hop has long been associated with one of the big boys iconic beers, this has meant it has been, mostly overlooked by craft brewers. Fortune Favours is hijacking the Green Bullet and giving you a fresh look at this hop and the greatness it holds.
The Trialist 7% American IPA This is the beer where we get to play around with new and exciting hops. We plan on brewing the same malt base with any new or unusual hops that take our fancy so we can learn their flavours and characteristics. The first Trialist made it's debut at the Malthouse West Coast IPA challenge where we used an unnamed experimental hop currently known as #09326 plus some cryogenic Citra. The plan is to double dry hop each Trialist to get a massive hop punch, we ain't going for subtlety here!