Beervana Road to Beervana

On the shores of the great Lake Taupõ, tales abound of a mythical beer-drinking beast. He’s a big hairy bugger and the locals call him Lakeman.

But there’s something that sets him apart from other mythical beer-drinking beasts. Lakeman fancies craft beer, you see. And because you never want to get on the wrong side of such a creature, we created a brewery in his honour. It’s called Lakeman Brewing Co, and is fast becoming the stuff of legend around these parts. One taste and you’ll know why. Lakeman is brewed from Taupo’s purest natural water and boasts malty, hoppy flavours as big as the myth itself.

So if you spot one, don’t be afraid. Just coax it gently to the nearest bar leaner, raise it to your lips and get it down you, you big hairy beast.

Lakeman Brewing Co.


404 Tukairangi Road Taupo

Taupo Thunder 5.7% 40 IBU New Zealand Taupo famous, an amber ale with passionfruit and citrus flavours on a smooth malt followed by a mild lingering bitterness.
Bodacious 6.5% 60 IBU American Big and burly American IPA with a big smack of mosaic hops on a delicious malt base.
Hairy Maine 7.7% 60 IBU New England A big hairy haze full of fruit forward hops to make one big hoppy juice bomb.
Dirty Hairy 8.5%% unknown IBU Double Big, big, big!
Sweet Hairy 10.5% 30 IBU Sweet The orangutan of stouts, an oak aged bourbon stout infused with citrus zests on top of a body of sweet chocolate malts,
Hairy Wonka 10.5% 30 IBU Chocolate/ Coffee With cold brewed coffee from Volcanic Coffee, cacoa, vanilla and cradamom, this is probably the beer Willy Wonka would have made.