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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Japanese Craft Beer Association to bring you some of the most forwarding thinking Japanese craft brewers to New Zealand this August.

Nasu Takahara Beer Co., Ltd. was opened in Nasu Highland in the fall of 1996.

It is located in the wonderful nature surrounding the mountains of Nasu Rayama in Nasu Renju mountains, blessed with abundant forests and clean melting water.

Based on the concept of this time, Nasu Takahara Beer Co hope to offer such a place like this and enjoy a delicious beer in this rich nature, feel the joy of living, love and taste. They brew beer brewed with a word of wishes for happiness.

"There is a lot of love in Nasu Kogen."

There is a shrine in Nasu, a lot of Aiko-san's Five leaves azalea.

Ayako Azalea of ​​this Aiko-san's sign, with the feeling of wishing that the crown prince and married couple are watching while walking around the Nagasu maiden residence and want them to grow up as children with pure white naive feelings I heard that it was turned on.

Also since its opening many beers have received many honorable awards. I am thankful that I got a lot of thanks for winning the gold medal winner in Japan, the world's first world beer cup three tournament consecutive prize and Germany, the United States, Japan and the three countries in the world.

Everything starts from love, and happiness is born from love.

Nasu Kohgen Beer

3986 ohaza takakukoh nasumachi nasugun tochigi japan Pipitea

Nasu Kohgen Ai Beer 5% Lager
Nasu Kogen Weizen 5% German Hefeweizen
Nasu Kogen Scottish Ale 5% Scottish Ale The live yeast, good for health, is also for the key of Nasu Kohgen Beer
Nasu Kogen English Ale 5% English The live yeast, good for health, is also for the key of Nasu Kohgen Beer.