Beervana Road to Beervana

Hop Federation Brewery started its life in the village of Riwaka in August 2013. Pouring just a few tasty beers fresh from their tasting room. Five years on and they are still making delicious hop forward beers for the people of NZ and are exporting their tasty wares as far as Sweden and Taiwan. But there is always time to make new and interesting beers and this year is no different. So get amongst it and raise a glass with them as they celebrate turning 5!

Hop Federation Brewery


483 Main Road
phone 03-528 0486

Lemon, Lime & Glitter 4.5% Citrus Sour Let’s get the party started with our Lemon, Lime and Glitter beer. A subtle lemon sour that promises great flavours and a little pizazz.
A Beer Called Mousse 6.8% Chocolate Milk Stout An elegant Chocolate Mousse Stout that, as the name says has a hint of chocolate on the finish. This beer will be pouring on Nitro so promises to be silky, velvety and smooth.
Gator Juice 7.3% West Coast A big audacious West Coast IPA crammed full of delicious American Hops.
NZ Pilsner 5.5% NZ Pilsner A crisp, refreshing NZ Pilsner that pours a beautiful soft golden colour. The aromas of lychee, citrus and grapefruit are plentiful, thanks to the Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops used in this New Zealand style Pilsner. Perfect for every occasion.
Red IPA 6.4% IPA Our fave and quite possibly yours too the Red IPA has an exuberant blend of colour, flavours and aromas, in a confident mahogany brew. Passionfruit on the nose transitions to an unexpected combination of berries, tart ruby grapefruit and toasty malt, rounded off with a satisfying, sustained finish.