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Emerson's Brewery Limited is a craft brewery located in Dunedin, New Zealand, established in 1993.

Richard Emerson was first introduced to European style beer when he travelled to Scotland with his parents in 1983. Upon his return he became disillusioned with New Zealand beer, which lead him to brew for himself.

Emerson's Brewery currently produces five year round beers and seven seasonal beers.

Emerson's Brewery

70 Anzac Ave
phone 021528419

Big Rig 5.2% APA
London Porter 5.0% Porter
Rude & Ignorant 9.1% Imperial IPA
Max Power 7.4% WCIPA
Hazed & Confused VI 6.1% East Coast IPA
Southern Clam Stout 6.0% Stout
A Beer Called Gary 6.5% NZIPA
AllBarred Up 6.5% Milk Stout
Czechy Bevy 5% Black Lager
Bebop Farmhouse Ale 5.5% Farmhouse