Beervana Road to Beervana

FROM THE GROUND UP We are a 1200 litre production brewery based in Wanaka. Ground Up was inspired by our biggest obsession (after beer), climbing and mountaineering, it also relates to how we run our business. Most of our beers are named after routes and climbs which we’ve either done, or are on our ultimate tick list.

FROM DIRT GROWS THE FLOWERS Our belief that authenticity creates a superior beer is heavily rooted in our workplace culture. We have always done things from the Ground Up, and believe that there is no match for the passion and enthusiasm which is spawned when you create something from nothing.

Always move forward, don’t look back. We ask you to take the route less travelled, turn away from the monotony of daily life, open your mind and delve deeper into the world of great beer. We try not to categorize ourselves as ‘craft beer’, we just make beer, and hopefully you enjoy it. We certainly do.

Ground Up Brewing


4 Gordon Road
phone 021 273 9464

Lunatic Fringe 8% 75 IBU Double IPA Some of us are nomads, living on the edge of fringe of reality and the edge of lunacy. This may just satisfy those nomadic desires. Expect a bright juiciness, an array of sweet orchard fruits and a heavy dose of dankness to keep you grounded.
The KPA 5.4%% 30 IBU Kiwi Pale Ale Where it all began. We put our necks on the line. But then again, what were we worried about. Loaded with the lushest New Zealand hops and backed with the finest selection of home grown malts, it’s no surprise the KPA became a cult classic.
The Crux 5% 25 IBU Dry hopped pilsner Filled to the brim with a blend of American and NZ hops, there’s nothing traditional about this. No tasting notes. Jump in and enjoy the future.
Crag Dog 4.5% 30 IBU Session IPA This unassuming fuzzy character, laden with all American hops is bringing the ruckus to the crag. Wildly excited to see everyone and everything, his friendly demeanor is as refreshing as it is lovable.
Acid Raindrops 4.5%% Salted Mango Lassi Sour Kettle soured with a yoghurt culture and fermented on mango puree. Light and sessionable, a sour for the people!
Punks in the gym 6.8%% 50 IBU NZ IPA Brewed for the punks at Smiths Craft Beer Bar in Queenstown, for the annual NZ IPA Challenge. Brace yourself for a pillow fight with some home grown hops. Take a look in the mirror, hows your spandex looking? Think you’re good enough do ya, punk?
Alpine Start 5.2%% 20 IBU Oatmeal stout Under starry skies, hot coffee and porridge fuel the way. You step out into the darkness; it is here depth of character is found. This is an intriguing stout with layers deeper than most, it demands contemplation. Inspired by adventures in the Southern Alps.
Mac Talla 6.5%% 19 IBU Wee Heavy Its an echo from the past, reverberating through time.This modern interpretation of an ancient style combines a massive amount of malts in an effort to remind you of what beer used to be. This is a complex brew, which will most definitely become your fireside companion.