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B.Effect creates Central Otago ales using wine-making techniques & Pinot Noir yeasts. We also make great sessionable beers for Lake Wanaka and the mountains. Change is our only constant and we're inspired by Edward Lorenz's Butterfly Effect; 'small changes can cause great effects'.



86 Tenby Street

Double Drop 8.2% 45 IBU Central Otago Double IIPA A combination of Pinot Noir yeast and Citrus Ale yeast means a lovely, unique, ferment to round it all out. Expect berry, citrus and tropical fruit flavours. A clean malt base lets this double drop of NZ and German hops shine. Brewed for #GABS2018.
Black Hole Milk Stout 7.5% 17 IBU Milk Stout Black Hole - all the ingredients were lost on the way to the brewery only to turn up the day before. This milk stout then seemed to become a bigger black hole as it sucked in a huge amount of time and effort. Fermented in ex Pinot Noir Barrels it was split; and 1/3rd of the barrels added NZ Raspberries, another 1/3rd Peruvian Coca Nibs, and the last 1/3rd whole Ethiopian Coffee Beans. But the effort was worth it; full bodied rich and depending on your preference, we have our Coffee version for the early risers, our Raspberry version for the health conscious, and our Chocolate version for the most decadent among us.
Black Hole Milk Stout - Chocolate 7.5% 17 IBU Chocolate Milk Stout Milk Stout fermented in Pinot Noir barrels with 3 different versions this is the version dry hopped with whole Coca Nibs.
Black Hole Milk Stout - Coffee 7.5% 17 IBU Coffee Milk Stout Milk Stout fermented in Pinot Noir barrels with 3 different versions this is the version dry hopped with whole Coffee Beans.
Black Hole Milk Stout - Raspberries 7.5% 17 IBU Raspberry Milk Stout Milk stout fermented in Pinot Noir barrels and whole Raspberries added to the barrels in fermentation.
Barallel Universe 6.0% 40 IBU Barrel Aged Central Otago IPA Dark Ale fermented with red wine yeast and aged in Pinot Noir barrels for 8 months. Upfront fruity Pinot character followed by oak and served best on Nitro.
Bullshit Bingo 6.0% 35 IBU Central Otago Red IPA Bullshit Bingo is a game you play using corporate jargon. Our Creative Director combined wine yeast & ale yeast. Trans-formative red & amber malts provide a sweet malt body which combines with Rakau, Southern Cross & Waimea Hops to facilitate a velvety soft step change. At the end of the day it depends on where you're coming from.
C-bomb 6.3% 40 IBU Black IPA A solid malt profile with hints of chocolate and toasted malt is backed up with a bunch of American hops starting with C. This is the dark beer that is drinkable, and will want you coming back for more.
Secret Garden 6.8% 45 IBU Central Otago IPA 'If you look the right way, the whole world is a garden.' NZ hops Wai-iti & Kohatu provides a hoppy profile which blends with the wine & ale yeast to be followed with a fruity aroma and taste. The smooth bitterness is balanced with a pale malt base. This produces a truly Central Otago IPA. From the terraces to the mountain ranges covered in snow; it's 'A World of Difference'.
Wanaka Lager 4.43% 27 IBU Vienna Lager Vienna malt brings out a light amber colour in this lager. It also provides a firm base and contributes a malty sweetness. Pacifica Hops provide bitterness to balance, and a hint of noble aromas. Refreshing, crisp and simple, Vienna Malt, and a touch of Pacifica.
Press Send 5.0% 38 IBU Pale Ale Bones mend Press Send, so like Larry would say, 'Are you guys silly I'm still going to send it'. In that spirit we've created a Pale Ale with an upfront toasty profile, then we've sent it with New Zealand Southern Cross & Cascade Hops giving it hints of citrus and pine.
Pop'n Pils 5.0% 30 IBU NZ Pilsner A dry Bohemian pilsner, showing a bold malt characteristic matched with Kohatu, Nelson Sauvin, and Riwaka Hops. This creates a hoppy pilsner perfect for up the lake, or after a day skiing or riding. Gold Medal NZ Pilsner New Zealand Brewers Guild Awards 2017