Beervana Road to Beervana

We’re making beers for lovers of balanced, subtle styled craft beer. We’re looking for a subtle flavour palate where yeast balances out a lightly hopped flavour profile. We’re excited about where we are heading under head brewer Dale Gould’s delicate touch and adventurous spirit. He’s working with New Zealand craft beer Godfather Ben Middlemiss to define our unique place in the national beer palate. All our beers are brewed in our Ghuznee Street brewery, which is the best that we could build. The brewery was hand made in Nelson by Kiwi guru of brewery stainless steel Chris Little and contains the most modern technology to help us remove chance from our quest for the ageless perfection of a beautifully brewed beer.

Whistling Sisters Beer Co

100 Taranaki st
phone +64275640282

Sipping Duck 5.5% 12 IBU Thai Red Curry Ale A complete Red duck curry in a glass or Kaeng Ped Daeng Bia! Thai Spiced with Coriander Seed, Cumin Seed, Red Rice, Galangal, Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Beetroot, Coconut and Red Chilli Flake. The infusion of roasted ducks into the hopback rounds out this Thai Red Curry Ale. Expect the unexpected!
Long Live Livia 8% 55 IBU Italian Imperial Pilsner Throughout history, alongside every strong man walked an even stronger woman. Today we cheers in tribute to Livia, wife of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. This brew is as powerful as the lady behind its inspiration. Inspired by the classics, a single origin Italian malt from Eraclea on the Mediterranean, a single hop from Slovenia, bay leaves and chestnuts.
Groundhop Day 6.0% 60 IBU West Coast IPA Our brewers hopped into a time loop with this IPA, tirelessly adding to the batch every minute, on the dot, of our hour-long boil. With American Nugget and Cascade hops, and Simcoe Lupulin powder, this West Coast IPA packs a punch, loaded with aromas of stone fruit and grapefruit with a long, lingering finish.
Antipodean 35-to-55 Ale 4.7% 27 IBU Belgian Easygoing Ale A preview of our beer yet to be released. A delicious mouth-filling pale ale that balances the striking and identifiable characteristics of the Australian Galaxy and Ella hops with the timelessness and fruitiness of old world Belgian Yeast. This brew has a Galaxy-forward aroma and golden colour, with balanced passionfruit and tropical flavours, and a refreshing finish.
Red Pils 4.7% 22 IBU Red Pils A combination of a Czech and NZ style, we’re taking a different road by combining new old world hops, Hallertau Blanc, and old new world hops Wakatu and Taiheke. This beautifully balanced Red Pils showcases carefully selected of Hops, malts and yeast, all which play an equal part in the the delivery of crispness and freshness of this beer.