Beervana Road to Beervana

At DVB we simply aspire to be your very own ‘Home Brewery’ by creating the kind of damn fine beer that delivers mouth parties at your place. We spend our waking hours taking a second look at what defines a traditional style, and from there, we give the recipe boundaries a bit of a nudge. Yeah sure it might not please the Purity Police, and for that, trophies for “correctness” may elude us. Keep this to yourselves… but actually, we’re good with that. Remember that Beer is about friends, family and fun.

Double Vision Brewing


Westpac Stadium
phone 0223235584

Red Rascal 6.3% 53 IBU Red IPA Fresh, fruity, gooseberry and citrus hop characteristics with a gentle red malt flavour.
Expatriate 5.6% 36 IBU APA Citrus, tropical, floral & pine notes from the hops with a light biscuity malt profile.
White Knight 7% White Coffee Stout Dark roasted malt flavours with a miraculously light colour, coffee and chocolate flavours complemented by the sweetness of lactose and complexity that comes from a tincture of whisky and vanilla.
Terry 5.5% TBC IBU Chocolate Orange Porter Terry isn't just some chocolate fiending orange treat that you have to wait till Christmas to get, Terry is a mindset. Some would say a way of life. Someone famous once said, "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." Terry says "Slow down and enjoy the brew, Chaz" With a heap of cacao and orange zest infused, get ready to stroll down memory lane!
Smooth Operator 4.7% 18 IBU American Cream Ale A refreshing American style brew designed for sessions, with a slight touch of whole bean vanilla and Gisborne’s finest honey. Think creamy, smooth and refreshing with a clean and zesty finish.
Castaway 4.8% 28 IBU Pacific Pale Ale Light in body with biscuity tone. Fresh tropical fruit flavours and late notes of pine
Repeat Offender 5.1% 33 IBU NZ Pilsner Traditional Pilsner malt base and mixes the dynamic Aotearoa hop duo of Nelson Sav and Rakau