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As uncompromising cidermakers, we create exciting, orchard driven ciders that showcase the character of the true cider apples we grow. We've been planting cider trees and pushing the boundaries of cidermaking since 2004. Experience pays off.

Peckham's Cider

127 Neudorf Road
Upper Moutere 7175

Reserve Dry 6.9% N/A IBU Dry Bone dry and a little funky. Flavours of apple peel and barnyard, texture buttery, finish dry with nice tannins and added complexity from barrel age.
Sweet Frenchie 5.8% N/A IBU Keeved A wild fermented, keeved, French inspired cider. Natural apple sweetness to the fore, balanced with chewy tannins from bittersweet apples and a gentle tartness from Egremont Russet. A hint of spice, honeycomb and pear. Rich, juicy and smooth.
Western Pathfinder 6.9% N/A IBU Dry Maybe the special wild yeasts that created the funky, earthy notes in the dry, unfiltered cider were brought in with the sacks of hedgerow apples gathered close to the Lewis Pass. If this cider were a cheese, it would be runny, barnyardy, tangy and delicious.
Indian Summer 7.6% N/A IBU Dry A single barrel of wild fermented, bittersweet cider apples, infused with quince, cloves, cinnamon, allspice and cardamon, and laced with a kilo of bush honey. Fermented to dry, tannic, bittersweet cider background with spice to the fore, reminiscent of the scent of a leather tobacco pouch.
Brett Monster 8.8% N/A IBU Brettanomyces From two barrels of juice that we tucked away over a year ago at Garage Project's Marion Street. The barrels are still sealed and this cider is going to be as much of a surprise to us as it is to you. 100% Brett fermented.
Moutere Cider 5.9% N/A IBU Medium Dry The first cider we created in our Upper Moutere cidery stems from our quest to create a go-to, honest cider with plenty of character. Zesty and fresh with a touch of apple pie, and subtle complexity from some great cider apples.