Beervana Road to Beervana

Heyday Beer Co is a colourful brewery, bar and eatery on (Upper) Cuba St, Wellington. Heyday likes to keep things fresh, colourful and seasonal opting to flex our creativity with new beers regularly including six releases just for Beervana.

Opening in late 2017 Heyday came together after partners Hannah Blackwood and Hamish Sail spent several months travelling the U.S. Inspired by what they had seen they soon got friend Andrew Collins on board and began their journey towards opening their own brewery. After being introduced to Sam Whitney via friends they had found their brewer and were well on their way to their dream becoming a reality.

Heydays style is all about being fresh, fun and vibrant and this is reflected in everything from the beer to the marketing and branding.

Heyday Beer Co


264a Cuba Street
Te Aro
phone 0204439329

Paddlepuss 4.5% 30 IBU Session Pilsner Sam our brewer is obsessed with brewing the perfect Pilsner. It is an simple, and elegant style that is all about balance. For this one we used 100% Gladfield Pilsner malt and New Zealand Wai-iti hops in the whirlpool, and then dry hopped with more Wai-iti, and Hallertau Blanc. It has fresh squeezed lime juice, passion fruit, and ripe apricots on the nose.
Satellite 5.6% Grapefruit APA
Space Jam 6.5% 30 IBU Berry Milkshake NE IPA We brewed this beer to pair perfectly with our 'Wellington On A Plate' Lamb Burger. Our brewer Sam was inspired by the idea of combining berries with a Milk Shake IPA which is basically a NEIPA with twice the usual amount of lactose. Then we added a huge amount of raspberries, black berries, and black currants. As well as a double dry hopping of Mosaic. It came out predictably juicy and lush. With a huge rich mouthfeel, and ridiculously complex aroma.
Octopus's Garden 6.1% 20 IBU Salted Caramel Espresso Stout Our 2018 Winter Ales Festival beer was inspired by dipping a salted caramel cookie in the foam of a cappuccino. A collaboration with Emporio, our local neighbourhood coffee roaster. With 5kg's of Guatemalan light roast espresso beans and Marlborough sea salt. The caramel notes come from the dark crystal malts, as well as the lactose for a sweet creamy finish. This beer is not vegan, and does contain caffeine.
Transdimensional Shenanigans 4% 5 IBU Mango Weisse Heydays first kettle sour! A collaboration with our friend Adam Laird of Maiden Brewing Co. Inspired by our favourite Indian drink, the Mango Lassi. With a ridiculous amount of Kensington Pride Australian mango puree, this beer is tart, delicious and refreshing. Best paired with a spicy southern Indian curry.
High Noon 6.2% 50 IBU West Coast IPA High Noon is our first entry into the Malthouse West Coast IPA challenge. Designed to be a lean, super dry malt backbone, with an incredible American hop bouquet of Citra and Mosaic. A solid piney and resinous bitter undertone from a hefty charge of Centennial in the whirlpool. With a slightly lower ABV for a more balanced and sessionable time in the west. This beer is 100% vegan.