Beervana Road to Beervana

This beer-gut-station sees Shepherd Restaurant, North End Brewing and microbiome scientists of the Riddet Institute join fermented forces to bring you a four course beer matched foray into positive gut grazing.

Sip, savour and devour your way to a deeper understanding of the positive (and negative) impact bacteria play in the things we love to imbibe and digest.

Microbi-what? The human microbiome is an complex ecosystem of microbes located within our bodies. In essence the “essence” of who we are...bacterially.

Explore a world of food diversity: from the differences that food preparation to your bacterial friends and foes to how fermentation might be good for you to prebiotics and probiotics. We’re talking kimchi and kefir, fibres and fresh foods, sours and sauerkraut, beans and brettanomyces, lactobacillus and leeks!

North End will be pouring a carefully selected range of beers: from rare yeast beers unique to Kapiti Island to sours to fruity delights, these liquid treats are all 'symbiotically' matched with an ethical and expertly curated beneficial food bacteria banquet Shepherd style.

Top scientists will be on hand to introduce each beer and food pairing to give the lucky diners the facts behind the feast. This delicious dinner will feed the body, mind and microbiome in an an intimate and enlightening experience not to be missed.

Tue 7 August 6:30pm-9:00pm
No longer available

Shepherd Restaurant

1/5 Eva Street
Te Aro
phone 04 3857274