Beervana Road to Beervana


We are aware of the changing situation regarding Covid 19 and are monitoring it very closely.

Beervana and the Wellington Culinary Events Trust takes the health and welfare of our audiences, exhibitors, staff and crew very seriously. 

We are communicating closely with the venue, key advisers and the WCET board. As of right now, Beervana will go ahead as scheduled.

Beervana is following Ministry of Health advice. That information, including advice on attending public events, can be found here.

Can Beervana happen this year? 

Beervana can run under Level 1 and of course, no levels.

As a responsible host, we will have a variety of health and safety protocols (eg contact tracing, hand sanitiser and glass washing stations) in place for your safety and comfort. Attending breweries will also have additional cleaning protocols in place. 

We are optimistic that New Zealand will continue to successfully manage the pandemic and that Beervana can take place in August.

We will make a decision about whether Beervana goes ahead well in advance of the festival dates so attendees and exhibiting breweries can plan accordingly.

What about mass gatherings?

At Level 1 there are no restrictions on mass gatherings therefore Beervana can go ahead.  

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

You can book your tickets with the confidence you will be refunded if Beervana is cancelled due to either:

  • Cancellation by the event organiser 
  • If we are to go back into any official lockdown levels beyond Level 1
    which restricts travel in and out of regions that may affect you personally.

Please be mindful however that Beervana tickets cannot be refunded due to a change in mind.

What if I can’t travel due to Covid-19?

If you are unable to travel to Wellington for Beervana due to any official regional or national lockdown, any event tickets you have purchased will be refunded in accordance with our ticket refund policy. We will require proof of travel cancellation to process ticket refunds (e.g. Air New Zealand ticket credit).


  • Beervana staff are wearing orange t-shirts if you need anything.
  • Beervana dollars are the only accepted form of payment.
  • Load your wristband at the banks located at the entrance and partway down the concourse.
  • For two weeks after the event refunds can be obtained here
  • All bars will close 30 minutes before the session ends.
  • Water is free and flowing and located on all bars.


3.9% and under$2$6
4% - 5.9%$3$7
6% - 7.9%$4$8.50
8% - 9.9%$5$9.50
10% +$6NA


11am - 4pm
SESSION 2Friday6pm - 11pm
SESSION 3 Saturday11am - 4pm
SESSION 4Saturday6pm - 11pm



Located on Waterloo Quay, the Stadium is a short walk from the central business district of Wellington. Head to the Wellington Railway Station. Once there, join the elevated walkway that takes you directly to the Stadium entrance. There are three access points to the walkway.

  • From Thorndon Quay just north of the Railway Station
  • From near Shed 21 on the Port
  • Directly from the Railway platforms (8/7, 6/5, 4/3)

The walkway is 650m long with harbour views. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to walk the length of the walkway.


Bicycle stands are available at no cost on the ground floor of the Stadium car park underneath the Western pedestrian ramp. On Stadium event days only, there is also limited motorcycle parking available in this location at no charge. Greater Wellington also provides cycle lockers at the Wellington Railway Station. 

Please note Stadium event days includes events falling on a weekend, or week day where the car park is closed to commuters. Please note motorcycles are not permitted on the Fran Wilde Walkway at any time, and no bikes of any kind may park along the Fran Wilde Walkway on event days. Please contact the Stadium directly for further information. 


Numerous services from throughout the Wellington region arrive and depart at the Wellington Railway Station. From the station, it is a short stroll along the Fran Wilde Walkway to reach the Stadium. For further information, visit Metlink or call 0800 801 700. Special fares may apply.


The bus terminal is adjacent to the main walkway entry point near the Wellington Railway Station at the southern end of Thorndon Quay. From the station, it is a short stroll along the Fran Wilde Walkway to reach the Stadium. For further information, visit Metlink or call 0800 801 700.


Vehicle access is off Waterloo Quay, at the traffic lights opposite the entrance to CentrePort. Parking is available at the Stadium Car Park. Event day pricing may apply and spaces are limited. For some major events, traffic restrictions may be put in place. Please check the relevant event page or our news section for up to date information. 

Please note once the Stadium car park is full, notices will be displayed on road signage and announced through our social channels. Vehicles seeking a park for the event will then be directed away from the Stadium. 


Before and after an event, the drop off point for taxis and shuttles is on the ground level adjacent to the pedestrian ramp*. There is no rank for chartered or "ordered" taxi or shuttles. Please note that there may be delays after the end of an event.

No taxis or shuttles are permitted on the upper plaza for at least 30 minutes after the end of the event. Priority will be given to mobility-impaired passengers who have pre-booked taxis or shuttles. The 30-minute limit is subject to all Stadium shuttles having departed. * Please note for large events, taxis are required to drop off/pick up from Bunny St, Hinemoa St or Thorndon Quay.


Travelling to the Stadium from the airport is easy and enjoyable; by taxi, airport shuttle or the Airport Flyer bus. The Wellington Airport website has more information on transport options. Wellington Airport is approximately 10 km from Sky Stadium.


Sky Stadium has a gold rating from Be. Accessible. They aim to deliver a quality experience for all patrons including those with disabilities. They provide a number of facilities to ensure attending an event is as easy as possible.

Are you being dropped off by vehicle?

  • There is a set down area available on the ground floor car park. Just ask the car park attendants for directions.
  • From the ground floor, a golf cart is available to transport you up to a set down area near the Stadium entrance.
  • A limited number of wheelchairs are available to assist you in getting to your seat from the drop off area. Please alert a staff member if you require such assistance.
  • For exhibitions, vehicle set down may be permitted at the top of the ramp, if traffic volumes are low.

Are you bringing your own vehicle?

  • An area for disabled parking on the ground floor is set aside at events.
  • From the ground floor, a golf cart is available to transport you up to a set down area near the Stadium entrance. A disabled Mobility pass by itself does not entitle you to park at the Stadium. Stadium event day parking charges will apply.
  • Event day parking can be purchased in advance by calling the Stadium Trust office on 04 473 3881 or send us an email. Advance purchase needs to be completed at least one week prior to the day of the event.

Are you coming by bus or train?

We have golf carts available to transport patrons requiring assistance from the top of the railway station ramps, or the top of the spiral staircase on Thorndon Quay to the entrance gates and back to the public car park.

At the end of the event, the people-movers will run on demand to return you to one of the three areas.

Check out the Wellington Accessibility Map for extra information while navigating the capital.


  • Two Westpac ATM machines are located at Aisles 16 and 20.