Beervana Road to Beervana

In 2018 we partnered with the Japanese Craft Beer Association to bring you some of the most forwarding thinking Japanese craft brewers to New Zealand in August 2018. A huge thank you to Yusuke Yamamoto the Director General for his assistance in this collaboration, as well as the Embassy of Japan in New Zealand, Toll New Zealand and KeyKeg.

It is always a pleasure organising this and we can't wait for you to meet our very special guests at Beervana 2019.

TDM 1874 Brewery 

Located in Tokaichiba, Yokohama, Japan, “TDM“ stands for “Ten Days Market” – which is the literal translation of Tokaichiba in English. TDM is owned and operated by Kato Shuichi. A Yokohama native and 5th generation owner of retail liquor company Sakaguchiya, Mr Shuichi came up with the idea of building a brewpub/liquor shop in lieu of remodeling his aging, original shop. 

In January 2017, TDM 1874 started brewing craft beer – combining a brewery, bar and liquor store all under one roof.

The brewery team come from all over Japan with their head brewer George Duncan Juniper originally joining them from England. 

George joined TDM after brewing at Dark Star BrewingHitachino Nest and Brimmer Brewing

George brews a variety of styles from different countries. Seeing more forward use of English and German malts, but loves using American hops. Their core range is British Best Bitter (BBB), Pale Ale, Hamanashi Gose (made with hamanashi pears that are picked close to the brewery) and an IPA – which are named on a number system i.e. IPA #4.  This allows him to play around with different and new hops as well as to give customers a wide view of different IPAs – sadly in Japan everyone expects west coast/Californian style IPAs, but of course the style is far broader than that. 

You can check out what George will be pouring at Beervana here and look out for a special collaboration brew with a New Zealand local legend. We're sure you'll never guess who we've partnered him up with...


Far Yeast Brewing Company

Far Yeast Brewing Company is a Tokyo based company that was originally established in 2011 as Nippon Craft Beer Inc. In November 2014, after much deliberating, they decided to change the name to something that better represented their product. However, none of their beers are brewed by themselves rather Far Yeast Brewing Company is a phantom or gypsy brewing company along the lines of Mikeller. 

In late 2017 they opened a successfully crowdfunded craft beer bar in Shibuya attracting three times the targeted amount in just three days.  Far Yeast Tokyo - Craft Beer & Bao.

For the list of beers they are bringing over head here and welcome Far Yeast representative Shiro Yamada to New Zealand in August.

Nasu Kohgen Beer

Nasu Kogen Beer is a Japanese craft beer brewery based in Nasu city, Tochigi. It was founded in 1996 but its origins lie in a time older than that. Nasu Kogen Beer’s president, Oyamada Takashi, was born into a family that ran a retail furniture-making business started by his grandfather.

To learn more about brewing techniques he sent two people to Hungary for training: Fujita Masafumi, who is still the brewmaster, and Noda Ryohei. Oyamada himself went to Germany and visited some thirty breweries. He laughs, “I was drinking about two or three liters of beer every day. Sometimes I was really hungover, sometimes I wasn’t. One day, I was guzzling some unfiltered beer and woke up the next morning feeling fine. I decided then and there I was going to make unfiltered beer.” This is of course Oyamada’s personal experience. Please be advised that not everyone will enjoy the same outcome when guzzling unfiltered beer.

We welcome Mr Oyamada Takashi to Wellington in August. Have a look at the Nasu Kohgen beers featuring at Beervana here.



Iwate Kura Beer

Iwate Kura Beer is a unique brewery in Japan, perhaps the world, as it is a cooperative brewery rather than a company. Launched in 1996, Iwate Kura Beer has the backing of five different companies. Like other countryside breweries, Iwate Kura Beer also has its history in sake manufacturing from the parent company Sekinoichi Shuzo. All of Iwate Kura Beer’s are fermented at room temperature and also do not undergo pasteurisation or filtration at any time during the brewing process.

Their Sake brewer's experience and knowledge brewing is applied to beer using traditional liquor fermentation technology.

Examples are the Japanese Herb Ale Sansyo using sansyo, a traditional Japanese seasoning, IPA of Cherry Blossoms Sakura, using cherry leaves instead of aroma hops and Yuzu and White Rice Ale, using the Japanese fruit Yuzu.

Iwate Kura have won many international conventions and have received high praise. In addition to the classic eight kinds, they brew various seasonal beers.

The factory has brewed beer at the point where 100 years old sake warehouse was rebuilt.

See what beers Iwate Kura are bring to Beervana here.