Beervana Road to Beervana

To say we're excited to announce the our International Invitational breweries would be an understatement.

Brought to New Zealand in collaboration with our great friends at Beertique these three breweries hail from different corners of the UK and are pushing the beer game creatively on the other side of the world.

It's a privilege and a pleasure to have them at Beervana 2019.  

Each brewery is sending a brewer over so you'll be able to chat face to face with the people behind the brew.

What's even more exciting is that each of these breweries are collaborating with a New Zealand brewer on a one-of, Beervana EXCLUSIVE beer to pour at the International Invitational bar. 

So read on, find out who's coming, who they're collab-ing with and get your ticket now


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Tiny Rebel - Newport, Wales 

We are Tiny Rebel, an award-winning brewery from Newport, South Wales.

We are the youngest and only Welsh brewery to win Champion beer of Britain. We are the only brewery to have won gold, silver and bronze in the Champion Beer of Wales competition (in our first year!) and the only brewery to defend a gold the following year.

SIBA Brewery Business of the Year and International Beer Challenge UK Brewer of the Year 2016.

But really, we’re just fans of super tasty beer.

Tiny Rebel are collaborating with Liberty Brewing on a Beervana beer. Brewer Gareth Williams will be joining us at Beervana.

Find out more about Tiny Rebel here


Thornbridge - Derbyshire, England

The Thornbridge story began back in 2005 when the founders Jim Harrison and Simon Webster recruited two young brewers to brew on a second-hand 10-barrel kit in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall.

The Hall brewery is based in the outbuildings of Thornbridge Hall, surrounded by beautiful gardens within the 100-acre estate. The buildings were renovated in 2004 in preparation for the brewery installation. Jim Harrison and Simon Webster recruited two young brewers, keen to kick-start their brewing career. Their first brew was Lord Marples, a 4% classic bitter, which went on to become a core Thornbridge beer.

Next, they were tasked with brewing something a little different, an IPA which packed a punch in terms of both flavour and ABV. In mid-2005 Jaipur was born. A 5.9% IPA packed with American hops and like nothing else in the beer industry at that time. Following an array of awards and national recognition Jaipur catapulted Thornbridge into the spotlight, demand outstripped supply and the need for investment in a new Brewery became clear.

In 2009 a brand new state of the art brewery was built at Riverside, Bakewell to meet with demand and allow Thornbridge to develop their range of beers. Brewing still takes place today on the original kit at Thornbridge Hall, which allows us to experiment with new brews, create bespoke Hall brews, collaborations and assist the main brewery in Bakewell.

Thornbridge are collaborating with Fork Brewing on a Beervana beer. Brewer James Buchanan will be joining us at Beervana.

Find out more about Thornbridge here.


Fierce Beer - Aberdeen, Scotland

Incorporated in 2015, the first brew was mashed in on 3rd May 2016.

Although we are still young, Fierce have won a roomful of awards, have beer all over the UK and export all over the globe.

We don’t make boring beer. Our beers are totally packed with flavour. We are passionate about provenance too, so we use local ingredients, services and equipment where possible.

We are pretty ambitious, but we also recognise the huge importance of great personal service. We love our #FierceFamily – and try our best to look after them well.

Fierce Beer are collaborating with Epic Beer on a Beervana beer. Brewer David Grant will be joining us at Beervana.

Find out more about Fierce Beer here.


About Beertique:

Beer is renowned for being a temperamental traveller, but here at Beertique we do everything in our power to ensure it tastes as good as it did when it left the brewery. We work closely alongside brewers, suppliers and freight providers that share our passion to guarantee quality is maintained and the beer arrives fresh.

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