Beervana Road to Beervana

(left to right: Fred (Beertique), Gareth (Tiny Rebel), James (Thornbridge), Dave (Fierce), Brendan (Beertique)

In 2014 Beervana initiated the first international brewer’s exchange programme in conjunction with the brewing industry in Portland, Oregon. This continued into 2015 and 2016 with not just brewers making the journey to NZ but also chefs and food vendors.

In 2017 we showcased the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp. What started in 2008 as a collaborative gathering between the famous American brewery and fellow US brewers morphed into a state-hopping beer festival that saw Sierra Nevada make 12 collaborative beers each year. In 2017, six of those beers were made with American breweries, while, for the first time, the other six were made with internationals.

With the help of Garage Project, we were able to bring ‘Beer Camp 2017’ to Wellington – the only chance to try these beers outside of the eight ‘Beer Camp’ festivals in North America. 

2018 saw the International Invitational shift focus away from the USA to Japan. Our first look at the Global beer scene saw four breweries travel to Wellington from Yokohama, Tokyo, Ichinoseki and Tochigi.

In 2019 we partnered with Beertique, an importer and wholesaler in Auckland, to showcase three breweries from the UK. It also included our first ever International Road Trip as part of The Road to Beervana where we took our visiting brewers on a journey through the beer heartlands of the North Island. 

Our aim with the International Invitational is to each year showcase a different part of the Global Good Beer Brewing Revolution by bringing the best of the world to New Zealand.

With Beervana international reach, being a celebration of the New Zealand Beer scene, we’re able to bring brewers from around the world to build relationships with our local breweries. Through collaborations we’re able to not only bring our attendees exciting new beers we hope to help put our wonderful Beer Scene in the context of the rest of the world.

2019 saw 9 collaboration beers brewed with 7 NZ breweries.


Ryan & The Beervana Team


Gigantic Brewing

Widmer Brothers Brewery

The Commons Brewery

2015 - OREGON

Breakside Brewery (Portland)

Barley Browns Beer (Baker City)

Pelican Brewing (Pacific City)

2016 - OREGON

Crux Fermentation Project (Bend)

Base Camp Brewing (Portland)

Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland)

Bridgeport Brewery (Portland)



Featuring collaborations with

Fuller’s (England)

Ayinger (Germany)

Duvel (Belgium)

Mikkeller (Denmark)

Garage Project (New Zealand)

Tree House Brewing Company (US)

Surly Brewing (US)

The Bruery (US)

Avery (US)

Boneyard Beer (US)

Saint Arnold (US)

Hitachino Nest (Japan)

2018 - JAPAN

TDM 1874 Brewery (Yokohama)

Far Yeast Brewing (Tokyo)

Iwate Kura Beer by Sekinoichi Shuzo (Ichinoseki)

Nasu Kohgen Beer Co. (Tochigi)


Tiny Rebel (Wales)

Fierce Beer (Scotland)

Thornbridge Brewery (England)

2020 - ???

Stay Tuned.