5 reasons why you should come to Beervana

We could've make it 1000 reasons why you can't miss Beervana this year, but we thought we'd keep it short. This should be plenty enough to convince you to join us anyways.

The breweries and the beer

There is no other bigger reason to come to Beervana than the incredible roster of Breweries serving the most mind-boggling lineup of Beer.

80+ breweries represented. 400+ beers. Emerson's turning 30! Brew Moon turning 21! The biggest celebration of this extraordinarily creative and exciting New Zealand Beer Industry.

Oh and Beervana is "21" (not really... but kind of - it's a long story)

Return of the internationals

The last couple of years has been a bit of a struggle to get them to the Sky Stadium (and for a reasonable reason), but we're excited to soon announce the return of some well known international breweries.

a renewed beer wonderland

Beervana will be no different this year. Just more colourful, weird and diverse with the holy spirit at the centre of this celebration. Our new look marks a big turn for the festival looking ahead and we hope our most loyal punters alongside new beer curious will embrace the change.

a new digital experience

Our Beervana app is gone for good. You may be wondering what is happening with the beer rating during your Beervana session? For 2022, we're introducing a new ranking system that will be available directly via our progressive web app (more on this coming soon). You'll be able to praise the favourite beers you try during your Beervana sessions, recommending it to the rest of the festival. There will be a praise board on screens all around the stadium, just like the leaderboard, showing you which beers are the most praised. Sounds like fun right?

get ready for a merch wonderland

As you can imagine, we couldn't go live with our new brand without putting the Mahi into producing merch of the highest quality (spoiler alert: it's weird, bold and colourful). Stay tuned as we will soon reveal our merch line to the world. Best thing: you'll be able to pre-order the merch on our website and pick it up at our merch stand during Beervana so you can proudly rock your freshly acquired attire during the festival.

And that's alongside the wearable art from all of your favourite breweries. Come for the beer and leave looking superfly T.N.T!