Bintani New Kids On the Block 2021

Every year Beervana showcases a beer lover’s paradise of breweries from the big players to the small, local microbreweries, from the founders of “craft” to the Bintani new kids on the block. 

To help the newer and smaller breweries making their way into the New Zealand industry. Beervana welcomes them to the festival to introduce them to 16,000 beer drinkers by providing the stand, buying the beers to pop on tap and inviting the Bintani New Kids On the Block breweries to come and pour to the Good Beer drinking public of New Zealand.

This is an opportunity for new and smaller breweries who have opened in the previous year since the last Beervana and give them the opportunity to show off their beers and let beer drinkers. 

This year Beervana is stoked to have Bintani on board as the sponsor of the New Kids On the Block stand, which can be found in Aisle 1.

Bintani is a wholesale distributor proudly offering a wide range of the world’s highest quality ingredients for brewing, distilling, beverage, and food manufacturing. 

Richard Robb, Bintani NZ Sales Manager, said supporting the Bintani New Kids on The Block bar at Beervana was the perfect fit for them as, with more than 25 years experience, Bintani has made its name supporting businesses with technical expertise and the finest products from its partners around the globe. 

“We’re really looking forward to pouring beer from a few exciting new brewers that wouldn’t have been at Beervana this year, otherwise,” he said. 

Now let’s get about introducing you to Beervana’s Bintani New Kids On the Block for 2021! 

ChinChiller Brewing, Christchurch

ChinChiller Brewing came from a desire to bring quality and creative brews to beer enthusiasts! Starting out as homebrewers, ChinChiller brewers, Nadine and Granville Denton, opened a school teaching people how to brew their own beer. During New Zealand’s national Covid lockdown in 2020, they made the decision to get their beer into people’s homes, inspired by their experience of working directly with craft beer enthusiasts and homebrewers. 

“We all share a love for uncomplicated quality beer. We love pulling people deeper into the world of craft beer, if someone says they don’t like beer – our response is that you have not found your flavour,” says Jared Stewart, Head Brewer.  

Beers by Bacon Bros, Christchurch

Bacon Bros brew Action-Packed BEERS! They have just completed their 200 Beers in 200 Days project and are now starting to contract brew on a larger scale.

Dogstar Beer Lab, Dunedin

DogStar Brew Lab opened in August last year (after a delayed start, thanks to the global pandemic). Equipment delivered, they started brewing, getting their first beer out to market in March 2021, and hosting a local launch event in April, selling six kegs in just over three hours.

Since then they have been increasing their presence and brand in and around regional Dunedin. They have a small 150-litre system and aim to scale up to approximately 1200 litres. They’re also in the process of looking for a tap-room or brewpub premises within Dunedin, but are prepared to wait and find the right place rather than jump into something that doesn't vibe with them. 

Beervana is proudly presented by Liquorland.