Expand your mind at Beervana 2022

Expand your mind and enter the immersive beer wonderland that is Beervana. As New Zealand’s pinnacle celebration of good beer, a new experience awaits around every twist and turn.

New look, same us

Beervana was seen as a celebration of craft beer, as close to heaven as beer enthusiasts will ever find. The existing brand identity had been used for five years and during that time served this messaging well. 

Over time however, the messaging and understanding of the festival has changed. The festival is now shifted to be an opportunity to expand your mind and enter an immersive beer wonderland. It’s a journey that celebrates good beer and is a journey to be taken with friends.

Because of this shift, 2022 was the opportune time to refresh the look of festival to reflect what Beervana is about.

This 19+20 August, we invite you to the 21st iteration of the festival at the Sky Stadium.

Explore the suit of icons that have been created to inspire you to bring your true-self to Beervana. They capture all the ‘flavours’ of Beervana, and appeal to a diverse range of taste buds. They are unexpected, playful, irreverent, inclusive, and weird.

General Release tickets will be on sale from 20 June.

Beervana is proudly presented by Liquorland.