Pink Boots at Beervana 2021

Over recent months there has been a team working tirelessly with a common goal of a safer & more inclusive beer industry. 

We’re really excited to have joined the cause and announce our first release will be the Brave Noise Pale Ale, brewed by the team at Beer Baroness under their new brand, The Good Fight & in partnership with Pink Boots, NZ Beer Fam and RespectEd.

Brave Noise is a global beer collaboration to advocate for safe spaces and inclusive environments by requesting breweries be transparent with their policies and commit to long term work by asking breweries around the world to join in this collaborative brew, the “Brave Noise” Pale Ale. All proceeds from Brave Noise will be going to RespectED. The Good Fight will be working long term with Pink Boots & RespectED to offer education to our industry that will be accessible for all.

Also pouring at the Pink Boots stand will be beers from Manaia Craft Brewers, Garage Project, Little Creatures and Beer Baroness. 

Beervana and social enterprise brewing

Over the last few months, alongside many of you, we’ve watched the global beer industry come to terms with its dark side and New Zealand has not been left unscathed.  

We strongly believe we get the beer industry we deserve. What we put in is what we get in return. If we foster a healthy, inclusive, diverse industry community with healthy, open and challenging conversions, which confronts sexism, misogyny, racism and hatred, then we all benefit and have a stronger, closer, safer, connected industry as a result. 

So when Pink Boots were looking to step up their presence at Beervana this year it only made sense for us to offer not just the annually donated stall, but combine it with our Social Enterprise Brewing stall to give Pink Boots and its collaborators the space to elevate the conversation with festival goers. 

“Pink Boots have had a presence at Beervana for as long as it’s been at the Wellington Regional Stadium, and we can’t imagine the festival without it. Its presence is an ongoing representation of diversity and inclusivity within the industry - and to keep having those open, challenging conversations around the things that fly in the face of that,” says Ryan McArthur, Beervana Festival Manager. 

About Pink Boots Society New Zealand

We are the movers and shakers in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry. We get the brew and ferment beverages to the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package beverages, design and serve beverages, write industry content, and cover just about any aspect of the fermented/alcoholic beverages industry. Most importantly, we teach each other what we know through our own seminar programs, and we help each other advance our beer careers by raising money for educational scholarships.

About Respected

Respectful Relationships Prevent Harm

RespectEd Aotearoa (formerly Sexual Abuse Prevention Network) is a charitable trust that works with schools, organisations and community groups to support positive cultures, build respectful relationships and prevent sexual harm.

About the Good Fight

Beer Baroness has been working on a new side venture.

Say hello to @thegoodfightnz 

The goal is to combat the negative impacts of alcohol by using 100% of the profits from The Good Fight beers we help brew.  

We’ve recognised that the NZ craft industry needs support to make everyone feel safe.

So, with @nzpinkboots & @nzbeerfam we will be working alongside @respected_nz to facilitate industry-specific education that will be accessible for all. 

It’s early days here but there’s a whole lotta heart in this by some really amazing people.

About NZ Beer Fam

A safe space to share stories. Here to listen, support & empower. Moving together towards real change. Supported by Pink Boots Society NZ sub-committee.