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Every home-brewer has done it. Bought an awesome beer and wished we could get our hands on the original recipe to try and brew the beer ourselves. Well now you can! Run in partnership with the New Zealand Home-brewers’ Conference and, this is your chance to prove your skills as a home-brewer by brewing a clone of a commercial beer so good it can make the brewer think it’s their own beer.

Beat the Brewer is a home-brewing competition where brewers clone a commercial beer based on original recipes supplied by actual breweries. We have signed up six craft breweries to take part this year, who have all provided the original recipe for one of their beers. Competition entrants are given a copy of the original commercial recipe scaled to home-brew batch size so they can brew their own version of the beer. All grain and Partial extract versions of the recipes are on offer.

We put these clone beers in front of the professional brewer of that beer, who will judge the best clone live at Beervana. To add to the fun, their own beer is also hidden in the judging line-up. The brewer then has the daunting task of trying to find their original beer and stop the home-brewers managing to Beat the Brewer.

The 2019 beer line up includes some amazing options:
·         Freedom APA from Behemoth Brewing
·         Undercurrent Pilsner from Deep Creek Brewing
·         Hyperlocal Pale Ale from Fork Brewcorp
·         Captain Cooker Manuka-spiced ale from the Mussel Inn
·         Paradisi Grapefruit Sour from Renaissance Brewing
·         Become the Ocean Gose from North End Brewery

We are delighted to have secured these beers! Undercurrent Pilsner won Best International Lager Trophy 2019 at the AIBA awards, Captain Cooker has long been on the list of most iconic New Zealand beers, Behemoth and Fork Brewcorp are fantastic hoppy showcases and the Renaissance Grapefruit Sour and North End’s Become the Ocean give more advanced brewers a great chance to show off their skills with these more challenging styles.

To enter the competition, head on over to, check out the terms and conditions and then follow the link to sign up. You will be sent the recipes you’ve chosen as All grain and Partial extract versions so you can start planning your brew schedule. You can take on the challenge for as many of the beers as you like. Each recipe is capped at 50 entrants, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. is here to help you in your fight to beat the brewer, with all the ingredients and equipment you need to support your quest. Homebrew beer supplies for the dedicated brewer.  Thanks to, all registrants also get a 10% discount code that they can use when buying the ingredients.

Can the brewer find their own beer or will you Beat the Brewer? Go to to enter the competition.



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