Beervana Road to Beervana

Welcome to the world of weird and wonderful Beervana brews! We pick out a few interesting drops destined for this year's Beervana taps, and put the brewers through a little non-threatening Q&A, so you can hunt it out at the fest. 

This week, we chatted to Abe Guyer, brewer of Karori brewery, Bassline Brewing, about their Whole Lotta Feijoa 2.3% Gose, which will be pouring in their Beervana line-up. 

What gave you this idea for the beer?

We brew the beers we love to drink, and we LOVE feijoa. It's such a polarising fruit, which invokes so much passion; Kiwis either love it (like us) or passionately hate it. There's no in between. 

How's it tasting? What can Beervana drinkers expect from this beer? 

It's tasty and incredibly refreshing. The beer is a 2.3% ABV Gose-style, and this nails the perfect balance of the fruit, salt and tartness. There's big feijoa on the nose. 

Tell us a bit about the brewing process - were there any particular ingredients added? 

We added a huge 30 kilos of feijoa puree to the fermenter for a 400L batch. 

What are you most excited about for this upcoming Beervana? 

Loads of beer to choose from, and heaps of delicious food. We're sharing a stand next to Martinborough Brewery again, which was loads of fun last year.

What should Beervana festival goers expect from Bassline Brewing at Beervana this year? 

This year we've got the biggest selection of beer we have ever had on anywhere at one time. We'll be jamming in 7 of our finest beers. It's going to be a LOT of fun!