Beervana Road to Beervana

Welcome to the world of weird and wonderful Beervana brews! We pick out a few interesting drops destined for this year's Beervana taps, and put the brewers through a little non-threatening Q&A, so you can hunt it out at the fest. 

This week, we chatted to Erica Hodgkinson, brewer of Porirua brewery, Tinker Tailor Brewery, about their delicious Chocolate Orange 5.3% Stout, which will be warming the cockles of your beery little heart at Beervana. 

What gave you this idea for the beer?

A bit of Kiwiana, a bit of nostalgia. Thinking about the ‘good ol’ days’, sneaking our favourite childhood sweet – Jaffas – the Chocolate Orange mouthful. Soft and chocolatey on the inside, with a delectable coating of orange.

And then of course, remembering heading off the movies, rolling Jaffas down the aisle for a little bit of relatively harmless, slightly-annoying-to-others, fun.


How's the Stout tasting? What can Beervana drinkers expect from this beer? 

We’ve taken our classic, tailored Stout and tinkered with it! We’ve infused the soft chocolate centre with orange zest to create a surprisingly velvet blend.

Gorgeous orange aromas first up, followed by the classic, yet subtle orange chocolate taste combo. We’ve used lactose to create a little bit of creaminess reminiscent of the lolly that inspired the beer. Best enjoyed not too cold – the flavours really come through once the beer starts to warm up. A wonderful winter warmer.

Tell us a bit about the brewing process - were there any particular ingredients you used?

Like a true Tinker, we’ve been experimenting with heaps of different orange infusions to get the flavour profile just right. We’ve been playing around with a variety of base liquids, different concentrations and blending them with beer straight out of the fermenter.

This has involved zesting oranges - a lot of oranges!! Which smells absolutely amazing and adds a bit of sunshine-y joy on cold, wintery days at the brewery.

What are you most excited about for this upcoming Beervana? 

Meeting beer lovers and chatting to everyone who comes to our stand.

What should Beervana festival goers expect from the Tinker Tailor stand at Beervana this year? 

We are really celebrating our Tinker Tailor ‘twice as good’ brand story this year. The excitement of trying something new, as well as the comfort of a familiar brew. With our distinctly split personality we celebrate curiosity and craft, perfection and play, proven experience and playful experimentation.

Tailor’s range is timeless, tried and true. Reliable and refined. On the other hand Tinker’s brews are quirky and innovative -  a little bit experimental, a little bit mischievous. 

We think festival goers will love how this translates through into our stand this year!