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So… You only drink IPAs. Yes, yes, it’s the Sav Blanc of the brewing world, and they are delicious hop bombs - we get it. But let us just gently loosen your uncompromising grip from that pint of India Pale Ale, and coax you towards these IPA alternatives (we did choose them specifically with IPA lovers in mind, so they won’t be a huge shock to the system). 

Hold our beer as we make these recommendations - which you can later search out on the concourse at Beervana 2019 (we promise, you’ll want to fund them). 

Mussel Inn’s Captain Cooker 5.0% Manuka Beer

Inspired by the very first beer ever brewed in New Zealand by Captain James Cook in 1773, this is Mussel Inn’s version: a red brown, all-malt beer, flavoured with the freshly picked tips of the manuka tree and New Zealand organic hop varieties. (Apparently, the literal translation of Jim Cook’s recipe was…. not pleasant. Hence the tweaks.) Pick this one up at selected Liquorland stores.

The manuka provides hints of Turkish Delight, reminiscent of American Cascade hops, commonly used in Pale Ales and IPAs made famous by Sierra Nevada, which will tickle IPA lovers’ palates. Distinctive with notes of ginger and rose oil, sometimes giving the perception of slight sweetness, though the beer is fermented dry. Bonus: Long-known for its medicinal qualities, manuka’s high antioxidant properties are also found in the Captain Cooker. Dose up. 



Wilderness Brewing’s Vieux Nouveau Hoppy Saison - Before you turn on your heel, and refuse to venture into the realm of Saisons, did we mention…. this one’s hoppy?! Saisons began as highly carbonated, often fruity, spicy pale ales, left open, during cooler months, to the yeasty-rich elements in the farmhouses of Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. They were then served up as a clean source of hydration in the summer. Wilderness Brewing is getting a pretty sweet as rep for its quality wild beers, ales, sours and saisons, and we have no doubt they will be major crowd pleasers - hops or no! But especially for the hopheads, Wilderness brewed Vieux Nouveau Hoppy Saison, a pale saison fermented out with multiple farmhouse yeast strains and hopped with new world hop varieties.

Bassline Brewing’s Working Class Pineapple 6.2% Hazy Pineapple IPA - Hazy IPAs can be a controversial style. The unfiltered, pulpy cloudiness carrying a multitude of hops is either celebrated or a downright point of contention. But we reckon Bassline’s Working Class Pineapple is one that will unify both sides. Putting the juice into this juicy hazy is a drop of the tropics - a proper dewy, hazy IPA, brewed with a wee bit of pineapple. Tropical hops were selected to complement everyone’s favourite spiky tropical fruit, and smashed up to extract their fruity flavours, whilst keeping the bitterness low. 

Liberty Brewing’s Prohibition 12.6% Barrel-Aged Porter 

You may need no introduction to Liberty’s Prohibition - this big, bold (and yes, slightly boozy) porter, aged in Jack Daniels barrels, is a Beervana festival favourite. IPA lovers seeking massive flavours will love this - it’s the biggest of the lot with bourbon from the barrels taking this rich, dark porter - and imbibers - to new sensory heights of flavour. It’s been described as New Zealand’s favourite beer by NZ’s premier beer scribe, Michael Donaldson, so what’s for IPA lovers not to love? Enjoy this big beer in small sips. 


Thornbridge Brewing’s Jaipur 5.9% IPA - OK, so we snuck one IPA in here for you - just coz, despite our educated recommendations, we know you’d be jonesing for one by the end of it. This wee beauty is a cult favourite on the global beer stage, and has come all the way from the Motherland, home of the IPA. England’s Thornbridge Brewing (one of the three UK breweries attending Beervana as part of the festival’s international Brewers Collaboration, for the first time) presents Jaipur. It’s not the crazy hop bomb most IPA drinkers have become accustomed to, but presents the more nuanced, balanced flavours, typical from British IPAs. Expect a citrus dominated IPA, with an immediate impression of soft and smooth, building to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. Your pay off is an enduring, bitter finish.

You can try these beers and more at Beervana. If you can’t wait until then, Liquorland have an amazing range of beers to suit all tastes - visit Liquorland Toast to check out their range. 

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