Beervana Road to Beervana

Welcome to the world of weird and wonderful Beervana brews! We pick out a few interesting drops destined for this year's Beervana taps, and put the brewers through a little non-threatening Q&A, so you can hunt it out at the fest. 

This week, we chatted to Andrew Dixon, owner/brewer of Golden Bay cafe/bar/music venue/brewery, Mussel Inn, about their deliciously intriguing Crow Stoner 6.9% Hemp Beer, which we foresee being a crowd favourite at Beervana 2019. 

(Fun fact: The menagerie of Mussel Inn beers all have animals in their names!)


What gave you this idea for the beer?

The active ingredient!

How's it tasting? What can Beervana drinkers expect from this beer?

Just sneaked a wee litre from the conditioner – and this is what came forth…

An open relationship between two way too closely related cousins – she wears a noble crown – he, dreadlocks.

They’re surfing down the other side of the great golden rainbow, as the malten (sic) sun sets over the happily fading hop fields.

They came together over us – and we rejoice.

And know that all is good!

That’s way more than you asked for – so you could just say that it’s tasting like a very pleasant stroll on a deserted Golden Bay beach in autumn.

Tell us a bit about the brewing process - were there any particular ingredients you used?

I’d love to share this information but we may have to wait for a couple of years.

What are you most excited about for this upcoming Beervana?

Sharing a stand with Martin Townshend. The ninja versus the hippy!


What should Beervana festival goers expect from the Mussel Inn stand at Beervana this year?

Nothing but a very tiny slice of life in Golden Bay.