Beervana Road to Beervana

Sometimes you think you know the breweries. But do you? Do you, really? Who are the mysterious people at the helm of these magical institutions, which go about creating the frothy liquid joy in your pint/can/bottle? 

Introducing Meet the Breweries presented by Liquorland - a video series that gets up close and personal with the breweries pouring your beers at Beervana 2020. 

We ask them the hard questions about what Festival beers they're pouring, what surprises they have in store for you at their Beervana stalls, what they're looking forward to most at the Festival and what you should be looking forward to Beervana.  

In fact, they're not really hard questions. More like a friendly conversation between old mates, which are really easy to answer because Beervana and these breweries are so awesome. 

Have a look, and Meet the Breweries!


Double Vision Brewing

We popped out to Double Vision Brewing in Miramar, and chatted with Warren, Mario and Evarn, who talked up what they were excited about for Beervana 2020, and dropped some sneaky hints about what we can expect on the Double Vision Festival taps on 20-21 November. 🍻🔥

Like many other breweries, Double Vision Brewing are showcasing their Festival beers and, oh boi... you're in for a treat! Have a watch and see what's in store.

Urbanaut Brewing

Last year Urbanaut Brewing launched a world first at Beervana: the Urbanaut Beer Blender, consisting of two 250ml cans strapped together, which you can try separately, then blend the two together for a unique flavour experience. 🍺+🍺=💣

We chatted to Urbanaut Brewing Head Brewer and co-founder, Bruce Turner, about what's in store for Urbanaut at Beervana 2020. Spoiler: all new beer blenders inspired by 80s cocktails and a lit-up dancefloor. 😏 Get your dancing shoes on, coz we know there ain't no party like an Urbanaut party. 💃🕺 Check out the vid for more...

Pink Boots Society

The Pink Boots crew is back for Beervana 2020! 🙌

We met up with Stacey Walsh, the NZ Pink Boots regional coordinator for Wellington and co-owner of LBQ. Pink Boots Society is a global industry group, created for the female movers and shakers in the beer industry. Every year without fail, they join us at Beervana, so we chatted with Stacey about Pink Boots in 2020 and what they'll be pouring (amongst other things)!🍻👊

Last year, their Festival collab beer with Beer Baroness, All the Ladies Coffee Stout, was one of the very first Beervana beers to sell out. This year, the girls collabed with Parrot Dog to brew a Brut IPA, so make sure you add it to your list because this one's gonna be a banger. 🙌 💣

Bonefacce Brewing Co.

Last year, Boneface Brewing Co. brought its kitchen along to Beervana, and dayum, it was gooooood. 🤤 For Beervana 2020, Boneface and its kai are BACK with a massive variety of drool-worthy poutines - including duck, brisket, pulled pork and vegetarian, to name a few - to enjoy with a delicious line up Boneface beers, of course. 👊

Meet Matt, Sophia, Chewie, Taz and Leia from Boneface, and watch the full vid to discover what's on the Boneface menu, as well as what else is in store at the BF stall. 👀

Meet the Beervana Manager - Ryan McArthur

Ryan has a special message for all the punters coming to Beervana tomorrow. Watch the whole video to discover Beervana 2020 in the making and what our well-respected and loved Beervana manager has to say. 🍻