Beervana Road to Beervana

Beervana - it’s one big, warm, feel-good beer hug, which is always a good thing in the middle of a Wellington winter. Every year, thousands of beer lovers and beer newbies alike descend upon Westpac Stadium to join New Zealand’s premier good beer celebration to try drops of all styles, colours, and aromas, from the classics to the crazy, poured by more than 70 local and international breweries.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a beer novice or a Beervana newb - this beer festival is a great time for all, with live music, delicious Wellington food, education, dancing and a load of friendly, happy people.

Here are six reasons to get excited and get to Beervana 2019!

1. Road to Beervana

Before we even get to Beervana, there’s the Road to Beervana, a week-long showcase of beer-related events in bars and restaurants around the country to get your tastebuds primed for the country’s biggest beer festival!

Kicking off with a road trip down the North Island, with beer-related events taking place along all highways and byways throughout the regions including Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, and finishing up in Wellington, where you’ll find a plethora of more beer-related events (along with a little old festival called Beervana!). Check out Road to Beervana events on the Beervana website closer to the festival.

2. Beer buddies - UK Breweries Collaboration

Each year Beervana hosts international breweries to pour their drops to thirsty punters at the festival, as well as collaborate with our local breweries. In previous years we’ve hosted brewers from craft beer mecca, Portland, USA, as well as Australia and Japan.

This year, for the very first time, Beervana is hosting three breweries from the motherland, so you can raise your glass to UK brewing rockstars, who will be pouring a line-up of their fresh-from-the-tap brews.

3. New breweries - New Kids On the Block Bar

There’s always new breweries popping up within the New Zealand brew scene, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s new! So we’ve carefully curated some of these new ones together in a one-stop, new brewery shop.

Check out Beervana’s New Kids On the Block bar featuring Shining Peak (Taranaki), Volstead Brewing Co. (Christchurch) and Searchlight Brewery (Queenstown).

Other new breweries also joining Beervana with their own stands include Wilderness Brewing (Christchurch), Maiden Brewing (Wellington) and Ranger Beers (Porirua).

All, of course, pouring beers that are sure to have you sailing down the concourse in a joyful rendition of ‘A Whole New World’. Or a song from the discography of the band, New Kids On the Block. One of the two.

4. Social enterprise breweries

Beer is good! And it’s for everyone! And it’s good in ways that go beyond mouthfeel, aromas and hop strength (y’know - general beer goodness). This year we are proud to have socially-conscious breweries, Independence Collective and Misfit Brewing, joining forces on a shared stand showcasing just what is possible when like-minded people get together to smash stereotypes.

The Independence Collective individuals living with intellectual disabilities who brew delicious beer, with all proceeds going towards helping those living with disabilities become more independent.

And Misfit Brewing Co. have committed to giving 100% of its future profits toward clean water projects in New Zealand and the wider Pacific - that’s not just a drop in the ocean, so to speak!

So, you see? Drinking beer is good in more ways than one.

5. They’re baaaack - Returning to Beervana

Townshend Brewery is making its return to Beervana after a five-year hiatus. And to sweeten this momentous occasion, they’ll be joined by Takaka’s cult brewery/everyone’s favourite holiday destination, the incredible Mussel Inn. If you haven’t had the fortune of visiting, hold tight until August, because it’s coming to you!

Also returning to Beervana, is fab Wellington craft bar, LBQ (Little Beer Quarter). Last year, a particular highlight of the festival was its Little Barrel Quarter stand, which poured a variety of cask ales. This year, they're bringing you the Little Brett Quarter, pouring a line-up of funky and fabulous Bretted ales. Even better - the brewers of said ales will be milling about to pour you a glass and talk you through the joys and science of these tart, fruity and sour beers. Pucker up. 

6. Food, food and more food 

Beervana will tell you that beer is not the only reason you need to be there. The fact that Beervana takes place in the country’s Culinary Capital, and also happens to take place smack in the middle of Wellington On a Plate, the country’s largest culinary festival, kind of gives you a heads up on the calibre of food you’ll be in for. Expect everything from tacos to fried chicken to oysters to poutine to Dutch pancakes, and so much more. The Beervana culinary world is your oyster (or whatever food item you want it to be).

So there you have it, six good reasons to make sure you get to Beervana this year. Tickets on sale from 10 June. See ticketing for details.