Beervana Road to Beervana

Beer. No argument - it is amazing. (Which, coincidentally, is why Beervana is amazing.) But what is beer without its festival friend, food? 

Beervana is as much about the kai (food) as it is about breweries, hop complexities, aromas and beer styles. Every year, the festival’s food offering is just as exciting as what’s pouring - what else would you expect from a festival taking place in NZ’s culinary capital, which also coincides with NZ’s biggest culinary fest, Visa Wellington On a Plate?  

From tacos to oysters, fried chicken to mini Dutch pancakes; Kiwi kai to Japanese, Mexican, US, Korean; sweet, savoury, salty and umami, we guarantee your pint will never be lonely at Beervana - and your puku (belly) will never be empty!

Breweries bring their brewpubs!
It’s no secret that Wellington has exploded with some incredible brewpubs in the last couple of years, dishing up some of the capital’s most stand-up kai to pair with your pint. So get your best eating pants on, because those brewpubs are bringing their kitchens along to Beervana! Expect the likes of Whistling Sisters’ charcuterie and cheese, Te Aro Brewing with The Chippery’s top-notch fish and chips, North End Brewery presenting its Salt & Wood Collective slow-cooked meats and Boneface Brewing with its famous BBQ, and equally famous duck poutine.  

If you haven’t had the opportunity to pop into each of these places, you can quit with the FOMO now. Simply come along to Beervana, where they’re all conveniently situated under one roof. All you have to do is stroll down the concourse to the next brewpub, and the next, and the next, and… Well, you get the picture. 

Breweries + Kai Buddies 
Not all breweries have in-house food kitchens, but there are some choice breweries pairing with equally choice restaurants and food trucks. Mean Doses team up with Soul Shack to serve up the spiciest fried Nashville hot chicken (but only as spicy as you want it to be - choose from levels between 1-4), Black Dog Brewing pairs with dumpling kween, Vicky Ha, and the House of Dumplings, Duncan's Brewing with Welly cult burger haunt, Burger Liquor, and Beervana fave, Mahurangi Oysters, return to pair with Cassels & Sons Brewing

Beervana faves
Every year, Beervana brings back the crowd faves. Wellington craft beer bar, LBQ, moonlights as festival Brett beer bar, Little Brett Quarter, and teams up with purveyors of fancy pants pies, Pie Hard (it has some of the best flavour combos in the land). Festival goers with a sweet tooth will breathe a sigh of relief to see Mont Foort return - their little Dutch pancakes, which come with a selection of sweet, sweet toppings, have people flocking to their food truck every festival, sans fail. 

And, this year, there’s a bittersweet hello/goodbye to Beervana staple, The Dukes of Sandwich. Beervana was The Dukes’ first festival event back in 2015, and now its owners are setting up a cafe up north, Beervana 2019 is its last event ever as a food truck/vendor. So be sure to come along and get your Dukes’ fix until your next roadie up the island!  

Beervana wins friends with salad
Vegetarians and vegans, we want to put it out there now. Despite a notorious little ditty, which floats around in the zeitgeist, proclaiming, “You don’t win friends with salad”, Beervana wants it on the record that you can. You can, indeed, win friends with salad. Or at least, win friends with a delicious range of vegetarian and vegan options. 

Take your pick from festival newcomer, Miss Arepas, serving up Mexican and Latin American fare. Or food truck, Elemental Eats, who’ll manage to entice even the most dedicated carnivore with their veggie burgers, salads and pies. Plus, our plant-based eating friends won’t miss out on festival crowd pleasers, Dukes of Sandwich, Pie Hard and Burger Liquor, who are serving up vegetarian and vegan options alongside their usual offerings. 

All that, and we haven’t even mentioned the whole line up of food vendors! 

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of your tummy rumbling. It’s telling you to get to Beervana 2019, and already knows the food is as unforgettable as the beer!