Terms and Conditions


Beervana is a licenced liquor event operating under strict regulations. We reserve the right to refuse entry if a suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request. If you are asked to verify your age with a photo ID you will be given a wristband to wear for the session.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from Beervana 2023 whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to, intoxication, fighting and rudeness. Attendees of Beervana are expected to abide by the Beervana Behaviour Policy which can be read here.

Beer or cider or any other alcoholic beverage cannot be consumed outside the main front gates.

Festival currency sales stop 15 minutes before the taps are closed. Taps close promptly 30 mins prior to the end of each session (3.30 pm and 10.30 pm respectively). A ‘Last Orders’ announcement will be made letting you know festival currency sales have finished.

Once you leave the venue you cannot be readmitted. If you choose to leave the venue through the main gates during a session, please understand that you will not be permitted re-entry unless you purchase a new ticket.

Promotional photos and video will be taken at Beervana 2023 and by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you give permission for your likeness to be used by Beervana. If you do not want your image used by Beervana in any future promotional activity please locate a Beervana volunteer at the event and let them know.


Sky Stadium is strictly a non-smoking venue. Smokers are required to stand outside the building. Please note that you are not allowed to drink past the turnstiles, outside the Stadium.

During an event, Sky Stadium provides the personnel to manage an emergency evacuation. In the event of an emergency, evacuation instructions will be given by wardens and also over the PA system. Wardens can be identified by their high-visibility vests with the words ‘Team Leader’ on them. Visitors to Beervana must comply with the instructions issued by the Wardens and over the PA system.


  • You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated
  • You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the venue
  • Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated
  • Alcohol will not be served to minors
  • Maximum of two alcoholic beverages purchased per service
  • Bars close at 3.30 pm (afternoon sessions) and 10.30 pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must finish their alcoholic beverages by 4 pm (afternoon sessions) and 11 pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must vacate the venue by 4 pm (afternoon sessions) and 11 pm (evening sessions)
  • Pour sizes are 75mls (sample) and 250mls (full glass)
  • For any alcoholic beverage 10% ABV and over, only sample pours (75mls) will be available
  • 75ml & 250ml pours will be available for alcoholic beverages 9.9% and under.
  • Breweries also reserve the right to only pour sample (75ml) pours (for example any special, one-off, small-batch, limited beers)
  • Free water is available via jugs on all bars and via the Interislander Water Warriors team
  • Low and non-alcoholic beverages are available on selected Beervana bars, at the merch stand and at the information desk.
  • Taxis are available from the plaza area outside the entry gates at the end of each session or ask one of the event staff to call one for you
  • A Safe Zone is available for you to rest/lie down at the Wellington Free Ambulance office, located opposite aisle 19
  • Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Beervana
  • Anyone deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave Beervana at any time during the event
  • Attendees of Beervana are expected to abide by the below Behaviour Policy found here
  • There is zero tolerance for unruly or aggressive behaviour
  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the venue, please use the designated smoking location only
  • All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced

Standard Competition Terms and Conditions 

  1. To enter the competition, the entrant must complete all mandatory fields of the sign-up form. This automatically gains you entry into the draw for the competition stipulated.
  2. The Promoter has the right to deny entry to any entrant who has not completed the form completely, and honestly.
  3. Only one entry into the draw per email address.
  4. The promotion is not open to schools, clubs, or businesses – only individuals can enter.
  5. The promotion is not open to any individual associated with the Beervana festival. This includes any individual in a business that supplies to Beervana Festival.
  6. Staff and immediate family members of The Promoter, as well as the staff from the following entities, are not eligible to enter: 

All Beervana sponsors and partners as listed here.

  1. The winners will be drawn once the competition has closed; specific competition closing details are listed on the competition entry page or social post.
  2. The winner will be notified via email or direct message, as relevant to the competition.
  3. If the winner has not confirmed acceptance of the prize within 72 hours or the stipulated time of being announced or has provided incorrect contact details, the prize will be redrawn.
  4. The prize draw is final and correspondence will not be entered into.
  5. The winner’s name can be published through any of The Promoter’s channels, including www.beervana.co.nz, and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  6. Third-party terms and conditions for the prizes apply.
  7. Travel and other incidental costs associated with claiming the prizes are the responsibility of the winner/s.
  8. The prizes are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
  9. In the event that a prize becomes unavailable for reasons beyond The Promoter’s control, The Promoter has the right to replace the original prize with one of the same or higher value.
  10. The Promoter and their agents are not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for personal injury suffered or sustained during the course of the promotion or accepting or using the prize.
  11. By entering the promotion, entrants accept the terms and conditions stated above.