Each year we team up with the brains behind CubaDupa & Coastella to rally the best of the best for your entertainment each Beervana.

Expect the unexpected and try not to freak out when you turn the corner to find...


 AT ISLE #11


A portal, a wormhole, a UFO. Our aerial artist flips, flies and travels into another reality through interdimensional planes within a circle high above your heads.

Triangle of Sassness

Riding solo in their own triangular spacecraft, Captain Sass twists and contorts their body through the unruly cosmic waves, channeling the sacred power of the pyramids to keep flying in a series of zig zags across the universe.

Airlock Party For Two

In a spaceship, two performers engage in a futuristic game of truth or dare in the airlock.   In this game for two our space adventurers dare each other to leave the airlock and get a taste of the risk the inky black nothingness of the universe offers



Rio Trio

Rio-Trio are a staple in the Wellington music diet. Since 2014 they have been delighting local audiences with the music of Brazil. Expect to hear Samba, Bossa Nova, Baião, Choro and more. Featuring; Felicien Houet - Guitar, Taciano Milfont - Percussion, Bryn van Vliet - Woodwinds.

Louis TM

With his soulful vocals and inspired take on the modern soul resurgence and R&B, LOUIS TM emanates sounds from another time, pairing them with unexpected nods from hip-hop and contemporary pop. After years backing countless artists on the keys, Louis is taking a step into the spotlight with his infusion of modern soul, R&B and indie sounds, which make for one hell of a funky helping.

The Boomshack Band

Originally formed by session musicians looking for regular opportunities to improve and enjoy themselves together through playing rock n roll tunes from the 50s and early 60s, The Boomshack Band quickly gained interest from all corners of the musical community. With guest appearances ranging from Ladyhawke to Marlon Williams every two weeks alongside vocalists such as Matt Pender, Sam Scott, Lisa Tomlins, Jeremy Taylor Connan Hosford, and Matthew Armitage - this group has always been about bringing talented individuals together.

Over its lifespan spanning almost two decades now since formation in Poneke (Wellington), various lineups have come and gone depending on who was around at any given time within or outside of our scene; however, we're confident that this gig will be one filled with pure soulful goodness!


Galileos are Wellington’s finest intergalactic sound explorers, composed of three stalwarts of the local scene: Aaron Stewart on bass, Dayle Jellyman on keys and Mike Jensen on drums.

Formed from the dust of stars, Galileos present a cosmically inspired selection of original compositions from all three members of the trio, melding moments of pure inspiration with detailed arrangements. 

Explorers of form and dynamics, Galileos’s bold extrapolations will take you on a space funk journey into the stars.



Two people at the train station say their final goodbye to each other in a series of strange acrobatics shapes. Suitcases in hand, ready to leave - but longing to return - knowing they never may - over and over again in a timeless loop.

Fashion Police

You have the right to remain stylin...t. On the lookout for fashion crimes and people who look so good it should be illegal, the fashion police are here to provide (photo) shoot-outs and prove this season's hot accessory is handcuffs.

Synchronised Swimmers

Bringing absolute Kenergy to the festival and swimming through oceans of beer, look out for our troupe of synchronised bathing beauties as they stroke stroke breathe in perfect unison. Dry water synchronised swimming is the great new sport about to hit worldwide and these masters of movement are the pioneers.